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Also the same issue, very slow speeds 120kb/s.

I'm starting to wonder if the team is just ignoring the players.  I have looked back on similar posts that seems to appear consecutively every month to find the same responses; "We are experiencing high user volume this may affect your download speed".

I understand that this may be the issue, but can we get an update?  Let us know what the problem is and show us that you're developing a solution.  I want to like this game BattleState...

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Same here, plus I got the checksum failure. It just aborted my downloads while I was away and it barely had reached 10% during 2 hours. My download in other apps is usually at 10-13mbps at normal, 6mbps at low. I've worked around the checksum issue I think, but the download is still poor.

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i get this also, i can get around it with a vpn program.. its ip related, they dont like new zealanders apparently. change region to Sydney works for me.


    Ive tried direct downloading through browser as well. The only thing ive found that fixed it was masking my ip.  I went through support, and ran traces on the connection, and explained fix to the support dude as well... i believe they know about it, and figure it will be fixed by torrents when they become available... but its definatly their end.

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