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Teaming with others

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First of all, LOVE the game! I havent been this scared to run around with a rifle since.... ever!

My idea/suggestion: 

I like to play this with friends, more than i do solo actually.
The only thing about teams that is really bugging me is the need to re-invite all players from the lobbyscreen when we start a new match (because we arent the best players and give away our dogtags for free)

It would be so much easyer for us, and im hoping a lot of other players too to be able to invite my friends from the main menu / chat and just have a pre-setup group going before we join a match.


Thanks for reading,
Have a good 2018 :P

- Daemon

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That's actually a good idea.  Except I'm not sure it would work since the servers are set up as proprietary to each map.  If they could make it work though it'd certainly be easier.

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