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Looking to help new players! USA

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I have been looking for an awesome group to run with. Been running solo and some duos since I bought the game in November. I want and feel the need that I need to get better at group play. 36yo with over 20 years of FPS experience. Played CS for waaaay too long until the last few years when it wasn't the best FPS out.  I sometimes do stupid stuff when in pressure situations but once I'm even slightly experienced with them I always get better. Give me 3 months of consistant group play and I could be a really good teammate.  I mostly play east coast na but I have no problem jumping to westcoast and even London servers(ping is 100-130 96% of the time)    Wouldn't mind playing with multiple groups if you'd have me!! I learn something new everytime I go in now.

Thanks for reading!

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