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I know that I can carry at least 10 dog tags on my neck....


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I know that people will say that this is unrealistic, and that the game is the way it is for a reason, however, I just tried on a bunch of my buddies dog tags.  I fit 8 of them around my neck, and that is only because I had 8 people around me.  Dog tags (in my opinion) should be able to be stacked.. maybe limit it to 3.. who knows.  I just know that I can fit more than 1 dog tag in my pocket/around my neck.  I would like to be able to keep track of the PMC's that I kill for each mission.  The way it is now, I will have my entire inventory will be filled.  This is assuming that I want to collect pmc kill information, and not just sell the dog tags for cash.   I dont know.. What do you guys all think?

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