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SKS: Tapco stocks and integral stripper-clip fed mags.


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Hi all,

I love using the SKS in EFT, but would like for it to have more customization options for it. Here in the US, Tapco makes a solid polymer SKS stock which also utilizes the AR-type buffer tube system for collapsible stocks. It also features pic rails for accessory mounting, and three colors. It could be installed on either base SKS's or OP-SKS's with the use of the Leatherman multi-tool. Also, SKS's can be used by scav's, but by default they come with the internal 10-round magazine fed by stripper clips. This would not only reduce the effectiveness of sniper scav's, but stripper clips would only take up one inventory slot, similar to how the Custom AK mags work with scav Veprs. If you find a base SKS with the internal magazine, you can remove it only if you have the Leatherman multi-tool to make it accept ProMags.

Here is the Tapco stock:


Thanks and good luck in Tarkov!


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a mod will move it xD dont worry its still a good idea its one of my fav guns and i would like to see some more options, so i hope they add something like this, saves adding a new weapon this way you can just replace it via modding.

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1 hour ago, Timo-chi said:

Yeah that is a good consept, but should be posted in weapons thread ;)

Lol, should have noticed that when browsing the thread. Sorry mods!

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