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EFT Community Discord [UNOFFICIAL]


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Escape From Takrov - Community Discord


Dear players,
I made a Discord server for Escape From Tarkov, every English speaking player is welcome. In the discord server, there is plenty of room to interact with other players discuss stuff and/or meet up with other players. If you're interested in joining our community you can either join by going to this address https://discord.gg/UWDSnVq or entering this "UWDSnVq" code into discord while attempting to join a server.

Greetings - Swat1801,

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20 hours ago, DJFireFox said:

I generally game 11:30pm to 4am EST is that in a time frame you would play?

Well, there is a 6 hour time difference between yours and my time zone. But we will be able to play together on the weekends.  (you'll be online at 5:30AM-10AM in my current time zone)

20 hours ago, LethalsLoaded said:

Moved to Clans section.

I saw others posting their Discord server in here so I thought it was OK.

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