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Server times??


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Ok, I know you have heard about this a lot.............but, I rant and rave about how good this game is.. only to have a few*(yes a lot) of people try this game out.  and I dont know what is going on right now, but if you are still doing load testing, it is a very very very very very bad time to be doing load testing.  I gave out 2 codes to friends... so did my brother, and so did a couple friends.  All of them now think that this game is garbage because we had to wait 20+ minutes to join a server.  I really hope it gets fixed because I now look like a drunken liar to quite a few people.    comments like this  " wow man, this is really exciting"   (while waiting 16 mins to join a server ***for their first time only to die and lose the only AK they had...)   buy more servers, or optimize, or you will lose players in mass.       Not me because I know whats good with this game, but the people that are now starting will never be back. as was the case with me and pubg.

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