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Lost in action


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Ive just entered a scav run and with a Tozzie shotgun and managed to kill a player with a hefty amount of loot on him. As i run to the extraction my screen just faded to black and it said i was lost in action. No timer popped up no warning no nothing. Obviously i didn't expect to get chucked in a raid with 5 min on the clock i don't think anyone does. The whole run took me no more then 5 or 6 mins. For some reason the timer on the top right corner warning you when its 5min left  doesn't appear when you enter late as a scav. 

Hopefully my semi salty post brings some light on the issue. 

The pic is 10 seconds before i got the fade-out.

2018-01-03[06-40] (0).png

2018-01-03[06-38]_19.3, -1.2, -1.2_0.1, -0.9, 0.1, 0.5 (0).png

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