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Rank the weapons.


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How would you guys rank the weapons from best to worst? Take into account: price, attachments available, and ammunition availability/cost/damage.

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I'd say, according to what u've wrote, best one is AK-74N. Once you get some money + lvl, you can start trying M4. These 2 are all around weapons which you can take on any map.
All AKM based weapons(AKMS, VEPRs) got kinda high recoil (compared to AK-74N).
Some people like SKS, but it is semi-auto + only 20 bullets in mag and long time reload as far as I remember.
SMGs are fun only on factory I guess, untill you meet heavy armor opponent.
Havent tried remington yet (lvl 4 peacekeeper).
Snipers are not very usefull at the moment, but maybe you can try something on shoreline now.

These are just my opinions, no hate.

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