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Hey everybody,Hello Kitty island adventures is a older gaming group that is looking for a couple of individuals looking for a small elite group to play with.  We play everyday at around 4 pm to 11 pm Mountain Time.We are not mass recruiting nor do we have a fancy website for you to go on,  were only here for the few who need a good group to stick with and can hold there own when firefights happen. We are only accepting US players and must have a mic. The age requirement is 18+ . 

We do not do tryouts because everybody can get better overtime with a helping hand. We Do not have a ranking system Nor will we ever in our groups.  If you are interested just send a reply and ill get back to you with the discord information. 

If i did not get back to you after your reply in a day or so that means our slots have been filled.  Thanx for your time

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would love to join the group if you guys have room, got it about 5 months ago and spend a lot of time playing this game I work week days and normally hop on about around 5:30 I have the weekends of so I play a lot on the weekend. I am also in the mountain time zone. 

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