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Looking for 1-3 people to start a small raid force (US/EU)


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This group won't be a milsim/clan or anything of that nature, just a group of people who enjoy the game and the strategy and tactics that play into it. 

If your interested add me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275204755/ - The teamspeak we will use - ts.teamtalk.info 

Hope we get to smoke some fuckers and clean house!

P.S Any gender/Ethnicity is allowed 


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id like very much to join you I just got discord u should use that instead of team speak very easy to join  up and has its own little forum without all the bullshit rules if you don't like something you can say it without some power trip mod busting your balls and banning you and  your posts and stuff like that . I have steam also so don't matter what way I go with it I guess but tired of playing alone too.

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