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A clean clans topic

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Hello everyone
maybe someone can make a locked topic that stays at the beginning and has all clan and groups names and a link for their official topics here in the forum or their contact info (Discord , team speak , website). so we don't have to scroll down and read alot of topics that are just questions or someone looking for a group , and when ever a new clan comes out they just contact the person who made the topic and they ask if they could be added  .
i can't come to the forum every day and i always scroll to find a new group or clan , i tried alot of them some very childish some are empty when i play and some are already kind of full and ignore new players asking for a team up .
it doesn't only benefit me but also the people going around in the forum and creating topics under the title  Looking for someone to play with or group up with .
then we have an official and simple place to find what are they looking for  .
Thank you

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