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Connection to Server Lost

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are the developers aware how often/ frequent players are kicked from the server (game just disconnects) and when trying to reconnect get the "connection to server lost" message?

Because it seems to be happening a LOT, we're losing a lot of gear and loot because of it.

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Got the same issue, lost full gear three times because i apparently lost connection to server (couldnt loot or heal or do anything) and when i try to reconnect it kept loading for about 3-5 minutes and then said "server connection lost".

This is so goddamn annoying, i just want to do a few runs with friends but instead i keep loosing my equipment because of this poo.

Its just depressing at my level because i cant really buy attachments for guns, and i loose my guns with attachments because of server issues.

I really enjoyed this game and its great fun but this kinda kills it for me because i always queue for runs thinking "dont bring your good equipment you might loose it because of server errors", i wouldnt mind loosing it in a firefight with other players or scavs.

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i have this same alone its good and after we play to 2-4 i make the sever chrash when the play alone without me the have a good time the play 50 round without sever connection close

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