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Restart and Blackscreen when Starting Game


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Hello guys,


since first installing and starting the game there is something wrong with my game.
Here is what it does: 

Everytime I start the game it takes about 30 seconds after entering my login datas, or 30 seconds after I start the game through the launcher, until my screen goes into standby ("no cable connected") and my pc restarts without my graphic card to get any power.

I have this problem since the first time I started the game.

Things I already tried to fix it:

  • bought a new PSU (650w)
  • different RAM
  • Memtested RAM
  • switched RAM slots
  • installed windows completely new
  • installed EfT completely new
  • installed EfT on another drive
  • resolution changed in lolca.ini
  • installed most recent graphic card drivers


Escape from Tarkov is the only game where this problem is showing.

I can play games like Pubg for hours without anything happening.


My System:

OS: Windows 10 Pro 1703 64-Bit

CPU: AMD FX-8350 8x4.00 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

GPU: Radeon RX 480

PSU: Corsair VS650 (650 Watt)

Mainboard: Gigybyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0


Thank you for reading,
If any information is missing, just tell me.



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Last time when I had such problem my graphics card had developed a dry joint or broken soldering somewhere. Back then it ran normally untill it reached around 80 celcius and then my computer simply just crashed.


Edit: Also try with some benchmark software and see if that crashes it aswell, because then its most likely your gpu.

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