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Hay there! I'm pretty confident that Clans or groups will at some point make its way into this game and I had a really interesting idea for this game. With how in-depth this game goes with its realism and options I started thinking why is there no way to distinguish players from each other? Well I started thinking customizing your gear but as a developer myself I started thinking well maybe that wouldn't be as easy to put in as just saying so. So then I thought well if you add clans and allow for the creation of clan colors/emblems why not add clan associated equipment.

This would be super interesting and something not seen (at least not to the EXTENT as this game could do it) in most other games. But you could things like arm bands, leg bands, bandanas, caps, hoodies, beanies, legit anything, even a cape or something ridiculous. You could even allow for pins to put on backpacks or other things, even full blow skins for said items. This would allow for some crazy customization and options for the player base and could be expanded on whenever. That, and would allow for some form of group/team indicators without jeopardizing the realism in the game. In real life most people will wear clothes/equipment to distinguish friendlies from anyone else and this would be literal implementation of that into the game. It would be a way for players to be able to tell the different from their friends and enemies without adding something like a HUD element or something that would be seen in a video game (IE: a floating name, glowing person, something not really... realistic.) Either way I thought this would be a super neat idea and would love to see what other people think.


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