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Unable to extract bug

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I hoped into a shoreline map, as a scav, ran around found a few guns and filled my back pack and vest. Get to my extract, at the lighthouse, for it to glitch out, not let me leave and then time down to 0 to tell me I've lost everything because I didn't extract. I tried leaving the exit and come back for it to count down again and do the same thing. I don't know where the other exit is, nor did I have time to try and run over to it with less than 5 minutes left of the raid when I got there. I should also mention that during this raid the game disconnected me twice. I think it was the entire raid that was disconnected because I saw a player sitting there, in the open, not doing anything a minute before it kicked me out the 2nd time. I let him live and what do I get for my good karma? A nice little glitch of not letting me escape. Kinda a game breaking issue. 

2018-01-06[11-57]_-460.9, -58.7, 566.4_0.1, 0.8, -0.2, 0.5 (1).png

2018-01-06[11-58]_-460.8, -58.7, 566.2_0.1, 0.9, -0.1, 0.5 (1).png

2018-01-06[11-58]_-460.8, -58.7, 566.2_0.1, 0.9, -0.1, 0.5 (2).png

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