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Clans/squads - visible ingame arm patches for easy reckognition of team members.

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I hate confusion while playing with friends, too many times we have to resort to friendly wiggles and jump checks to see who is who. Tarkov is hardcore game so having these unrealistic team icons ontop of team-mates like you see in other games, would not do justice to it. However there must be some way of making individual squads reckognizeable from the rest, as in real life you would most likely reckognize your friends from foes. In tarkov everyone looks more or less the same which makes it a pain in the ass.

Patches, i really hope that this could be done, imagine seeing an arm patch of your own color/icon on friendlies, im sure this would save alot of confused people from murdering their friends in cold blood.

Perhaps it would be easiest to do like this, any player can design his own arm patch, maybe for a cost even. When said player invites people into his squad, all the invited squad members will have this arm patch in the raid. Would be realistic enough, and very helpful.

If its a patch, maybe it doesnt have to be just an arm patch but you could have it on your chest or helmet or where ever.


Another option could be different colour arm bands, so that you could color-code your teammates and remember who is who.

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