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Will there ever be a team dedicated to fixing anything?

Its been months now and i still cant launch the game with multi-monitors unless i spam alt enter and pray for it to work.

I lose full sets of gear at least 3 times a day because "server connection lost" and then it refuses to re-connect.

All i can think is you did this to yourselves. this game will never leave its early access stages, not when we're promised for months and months that "the desync will get better" and/or "but its early access"

Nobody in their right mind wants MORE content when the old content is bugged to hell.

Bring back performance optimization, nobody with a GPU from the GTX970 or up series GPU's should suffer 30fps on a game that's not visually breathtaking. 

You can "b-but its EARLY ACCESS" all you want but those people that played the games the last 2 weeks are shitting on the game with bad commentary.

They dedicate resources to adding new guns but you still get stuck at hole in wall at factory, or lockers. Or between two normal rocks at woods. I don't get why new content is prioritized over improving that which is already there.

I love the concept but it's becoming bitter. Bitter because the horrendous low refresh rate servers (if it even has 5hz ill be surprised), the desyncing, the stucking, the launcher issues and even more game breaking things like opening a door just to get stuck in that animation until you restart the game and probably die. These things are game breaking, but "HERE"S THE OTHER PART OF SHORELINE!".

The textures are bland, the post processing is mediocre, there aren't really any simulations running; it begs the question, why can't mid-high-end systems (gtx1060 and up) get stable performance?

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