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Server kills more than Scavs

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I will tell a little story that I played a great STALKER game, I really have a respect and an admiration for the work and when I was told about this game Escape From Tarkov caught my attention because the same people who did the games I liked were in one very ambitious and almost impossible project.

I was impressed with the game I immediately bought the game under development and started to play, but there is a problem, I live in Brazil, what is and is already very happy because the servers are late, fell from the server with frequencies and ah ahhaha nen I want to talk about how much he stays, but what I fell in love with the game, the ideas, because everything except the Latin American community suffers a lot with all this, because where it was sold very well and I think I write in the Google translator looking for this text, and it will be that the DEVELOPERS will care because an absurd and gigantic community fanatic of the game will not respond without an opportunity when the project is completed without at least one server.

It will be difficult to play and enjoy everything the game offers, I know it is in development and, more complicated, I will not play the game, because even with the server delay killing me every 8 attacks of 10, I will like more if we want more attention from the DEV to a place where the game is related to him and loved, debated, researched and more played.

Thank you all who have read many thanks.

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