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Remington M4A1


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Remington M4


I decided to tease around weapon parts and modifications,and i was wondering,even though it says that the RSASS is a DMR based on AR-15..i thought if the Devs went really that far..and yes,they did,i've made 3 versions of the M4 with Remington configurations.This is the first one.
This would be the M4 used for all ranges,but mostly medium to long.
Now let's get onto the modifications.

Handguard is the JP Enterprises made for the R11 RSASS,but of course i got it to fit on this M4 because it has that ability to fit on AR-15 and M4 based rifles.
The grip you see is the Magpul M-LOK  AFG Tactical grip.
To make the things kinda complete,and get that nice earthy look on this M4 i used the Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip FDE\
And for the suppressor we used the NT-4 FDE.Looks nice.
Hope you enjoy this weapon.I know I am.

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