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Clipping into Corspes

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Can we please do something about laying inside of dead bodies. For a game that pushes realism you shouldn't be clipping in multiple corpse and be able to hide and shoot like they're some type of Ghillie suit.

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There's a question of if it can be done at all:

1. If the game uses ragdoll physics for dead bodies (which I don't think it does)

Cannot be done, due to different locations of corpses on each game client. Since physics are calculated on the client, the body will be in slightly different place.

2. If the game doesn't use ragdolls (which is probably the case):

It can be done, but it will create new problems. You'd need to make the dead bodies collide with players - this means you could stand on the body, it would block you from moving through it. But there's a problem: what if a body is in a doorway? If it keeps it's collision, you won't be able to go through. If it doesn't (like now), you will, but you can lie down in it. There's a lot more problems with keeping dead bodies collision - obscuring loot on the ground, blocking stairs or important locations, bodies piling up one on another (since you can't use ragdoll physics - they can't just fall off eachother) and so on - that's just from the top of my head.

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Ok, I've taken a harder look at the game and it seems that, in fact, EOT uses a very mild ragdoll physics for the dead bodies, so my whole post is mostly irrelevant. It's probably nearly impossible to sync dead bodies location without creating new problems and they will probably stay the same, but also most of the problems with collision stays, it's just worsened by the fact, that bodies can be in different locations for each player.

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