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Division Storage – idea for clans


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First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented.
On this thread I expand my general idea presented in this other thread. To fully understand some of points made here, please read the other thread first.

A Division would greatly benefit from some common, shared Storage. Like for example Guild Bank in WoW or Corporation Hangars in EVE. 

How do I see this? Let me explain:


  1. Start – Division starts with NO storage at all.
  2. Cost – Division can buy up to X storages (let's say 3). Each storage costs money – let's say 10,000€ for 1st one; 25,000€ for 2nd and 50,000€ for 3rd one. 
  3. Size – Initially each storage is very small. Let's say 6x10, so 6 rows of 10 cells, and 60 cells in total. That's enough to hold 12 standard sized assault rifles (2x5) or 2 Fort Armours and 6 helmets. Not much.
  4. Expansion – Each storage could be expanded. That would require both money AND barter items. I don't really have idea for what the barter items should be. But as an example I would say, that first additional row could cost 2,000€ + 10 ES Lamps + 2 Power Cords. Both cost in money, amount and type of barter items should increase with each expansion bought. 
  5. Default Storing rights – every Division member should be able to store any item in storage. 
  6. Default Withdraw rights – every Executive or Headmaster should be able to withdraw any item from the storage.
  7. Rights management – Headmaster (or person with permission to manage rights) should be able to set Store and Withdraw rights for each role and each storage separately (for example that Member can withdraw from Storage #1, but can't from Storage #2).
  8. Roles – at this point, it could be beneficial for Headmaster to be able to establish custom roles in addition to standard 4. 
  9. Withdraw Limits – along with Withdraw rights, there should be option to set withdraw limits denoted in "max items", where one armor is one item, and one stack of 60 ammo is also one item. 
  10. Money Storage – Division's money storage should be separate, free at start and only 2x2 in size. Every expansion would add another 2x2. This storage would have also separate settings. 

There are also some ideas to make things even more interesting:


  • Person with proper rights set could trade with traders by using Division's Storage. In traders screen, that person could freely switch between Storages that this person has rights to trade with. So, for example, player could select Fort Armor from Skier to buy, select Storage 3, select gold chains to trade, then switch to Storage 2 and finish the deal, so Fort lands in Storage 2, but gold chains are taken from Storage 3. Same would work with money from Money Storage. 
  • Person with withdraw rights could "gift" item to someone WITHIN the Division, as long as the gifting person did not exceed the limit. Receiving person does not need any rights. So, for example a Headmaster could gift weapons and Forts to a squad that got recently wiped out, without making them use their limits. Gifts would be received by Message System just like insurances.

Some current clans I know that are from time to time giving out in giveaways some items. And we all know it can be dangerous to go into a match and give someone 3 M4s, NVG, RSASS, 5 keybars and whatnot. And even if you go 5-man on Factory, there are stories of one F1 wiping all trading parties. 
Will it encourage people to invite someone to clan to make trades? Maybe. It will as well be a way to scam people. So I think that this system won't entirely destroy current trading practices. Also, it may be implemented relatively late, so I guess Flea Market and Auctions will be in game, which will make in-raid trading more rare. 

Fun idea of using Storage is that in Division's 5-man squad, there can be one "designated mule", so person with Pilgrim (or maybe Tri-Zip+ICase+WCase, lol) that take all the loot while others fight, kill and cover the mule. After a raid, mule could unload everything to Storage and then some loot distribution could be in place. No idea if anyone will play that, but hey, I saw weirder stuff in WoW and EVE :D


If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. 

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