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Moves 4/9

FunkyHunterz - 
@john6352 You spend hours exploring the forest in the outskirts of tarkov. This area is well traveled and therefor well looted. You find next to nothing in the way of supplies in such a barren area. By the end of your day you arrive at a highway. You rest and camp for the night.

You set up an ambush alongside the highway. After what feels like hours of waiting, you hear an engine in the distance... (Resolved via PM)

5th Scout Infantry -
@tobiassolemYou spend hours crawling through cars on the highway. You find foodstuffs long ruined by temperatures, scraps of clothes left out in the elements, and various small auto accessories. You're able to find some food items that are unspoiled by heat and you add them to your pack. By the end of your day you're exhausted. Crawling through cars has made you tired and dirty. Your hands and face are caked with filth.

R&Ds Team - 
@JonramboYou spot no people. Your walk through the woods from your lab and the checkpoint go uneventful. It would seem that this area of tarkov is milder than the rest of the city. You summize that you may have to go deeper before you encounter any serious dangers. By the end of the day you are a little closer to the heart of the city.

A New Start -
@Floppy_Moose You manage to find some scraps of food in this home. It would seem that this area has been picked over

 You dig through the wreckage of these houses. It would seem that they are well scavenged because you find nothing in particular. You look through old clothes, cutlery, and household goods. Nothing is found that would benefit your survival or nourish you.

Wanderer's Coffee Club - 
@UncleDarkThe two of you put feet to pavement and begin making ground. You head toward a southeast bearing. You hear gunfire in the late afternoon far away to the south. It would seem this port area is lively with activity and you begin to see deplorable looking characters here and there who see your weapons and wisely slither away. If you continue heading this direction it will likely be toward danger.

137th Gar -
You explore the areas surrounding the checkpoint. Unfortunately there just isn't much here that can be of use. This area is pretty barren. You'll have to move deeper into the city to find better loot.

Moves 4/12

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Moves 4/13

United Survivors

Crossing back out of Tarkov proper turned out to be a relatively eventless experience. Alexanders mood seemed to pick up with each passing mile. By the time you reached the romp bar he was practically floating. His chest remained puffed out as he led you into the bar. You made sure to snag those fuses, want to make sure nobody runs off with the van while you're inside.

@NoisyCosmosYour enthusiasm is cut shot by Oranje's coment about being shot. Suddenly it all feels very real again as it sinks in... You could have been shot at any point during this drive. People obviously don't drive much in Tarkov and you can hear an engine from quite a ways off. You begin to wonder if driving the van around was the smartest idea. You decide to lighten your mood and everyone elses by cracking a joke. It seems to help. Alexander is out of the van before you even come to a full stop and is heading for the door.

@FatherFenrirThis van ride was different for Jack than everyone else. For the other members of the group it might have been uncertainty and some anxiety. For Jack it was pain followed numbness with some stabs of fear for good measure. Once the romp bar is in view everyones mood seems to change. Even Alexander who hours ago was a starving captive is now practically leaping from the vehicle to get inside.

@OranjeYou spend the van ride in a daze. This vantruck has two seats in the front and a small bed. The speed at which Jules drove should have been enough to scare you, but it didn't. Alexander standing up and pounding on the roof should have been enough to scare you, but it didn't. Things just sort of stopped being scary after you've confronted some of the things you have... Your mind starts to wander...

As you arrive at the bar everyone is in high spirits. Alexander starts practically skipping to the front door... No wait, he is going to a side entrance.

Loners - 
Your tactics seems to pay off. There are more of these strange trashcan stashes. It would seem that somebody was banking on nobody digging around in the garbage in a disaster. You find three trash can caches or as you've been calling them 'traches'

In the first, you find a small metal tube that looks to be full of the good stuff. Some of it you don't understand, but you recognize a hemostatic agent, some antibiotic, and a light stimulant.

In the second, you find some food items. Glass seems to be a theme hear which is inconvenient. The most exciting thing is a jar of pickles. 

In the third, this one you find a bit later, you go to lift up the bag to check underneath when you hear the faint click of a pin being pulled out of its housing. You instinctively snap dive behind cover. The blast of the grenade narrowly misses you. The explosion leaving you a bit concussed feeling but with no actual wounds.

You count your blessings and continue on.

Wanderer's Coffee Club - 
@SlayerWRYou're able to spend the day picking through Tarkov's corpse with Uncle. You relive much of your past that you've tried to swallow down deep. You wonder if Uncle was the coffeemaker for Tarkov, what would that make you? You briefly think of yourself as a barista and almost laugh. Not because it sounds like a bad gig but it feels as silly as a weatherman does in a place like this in a time like this. Tarkov has made survivors or corpses out of everyone pretty quickly.

Your looting goes well for the day, You find a decent supply of food in a Go-Bag thats been discarded. You also find a flashlight and some cash in the bag. 

You also hear an explosion to the west.

@UncleDarkAfter some lightheartedness with Slayer in the morning, the two of you get to work. Your day is uneventful until you come across the double doors. You slip your trusty crowbar in and begin to work on the door. You give the crowbar a quick snap to pop the door open. To your surprise the crowbar is what ends up giving, the tip of the crowbar snaps off in the door crack. You skin your knuckles across the door and bang yourself up pretty good. (-5hp)

The rest of your looting goes even more poorly. You find an old vending machine thats been smashed up. In it all thats left is a single bag of flaming hot cheetos...

You catch the same explosion to the west.

Roleplay Bonus

A New Start - 
@Floppy_Moose You wind a bit north looking for loot. Trying to stay out of the city proper. Your last days looting didn't go very well and you didn't find anything more than scraps. You hope to find something better. You find a collapsed building and the two of you start digging through the rubble. You cut your hand pretty good on a piece of corrugated metal thats begun to rust. (-10hp)

The red leaks out of your hand and you instinctively hold it above your head.

@Lightstrike778After Lucas slices his hand open the day improves. In the ruins of the house you find a first aid kit that looks quite robust. At least you have something to treat lucas' injury. The barber shop and hardware store are far less fruitful however. It would seem that places like these were looted early on and then revisited by scavengers later. The two of you stay cautious as this area is fairly dangerous compared to the rest of what you've travelled so far. You hear semi regular gunfire to the east.

Next moves 4/16

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Moves 4/17 (Its morning somewhere)

Loners - You make ground, through a swampy type area. The muck squishes underfoot as you push reeds and cattails out of the way. The going is rough this way, but you keep out of sight and away from any potential unsavory characters. By the end of the day you haven't made it far and you decide to camp under a bridge down by the water. This used to be one of the shadiest places to be, but now its the last place anyone would come looking for you.

A New Start - The gunfire is all around you sometimes. Its surprisingly hard to tell whats close and whats far. Sometimes it feels like theres danger all around you. The city is truely alive in this area. Luckily for you, you're danger adjacent in that you haven't descended into the bowels of the sprawling city. The two of you make the wise decision to skirt around the edge of this danger. Always watching it from a distance but never getting too close.

Wanderers Coffee Club - The two of you reckon the crowbar is absolutely fixable. And if not, crowbars are common enough. Though this one did have special significance and a small frame which made it great as an on the go tool. The park soon gave way to lowlands and the marshes were pretty awful to traverse. You two reckoned it was probably faster than going around so thats just what you did.

The snake despite some popular belief did not attack without warning. You wisely avoided it and continued on, grateful of the many lessons that mother Tarkov teaches.

5th Scout Infantry - Sights like this are becoming all too common, mass graves, black bags, and now meat lockers. There is no semblance of any kind of humanitarian effort here in Tarkov. Most people are left lying where they die. You briefly wish you had someone to bury you if you die. Shaking the morbid thought out of your head you search for somewhere to hunker down for the night. An old pawn shop still has the shutters operational and although you can't lock them without a key you can pull them down. You're confident that the noise of the shutter would give you early warning if someone were to try and ambush you.

You find the managers office and kick your feet up on the desk for some Z's

Moves 4/20

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Small moves for 4/19 - BIG THINGS COMING SOON!

Ghost´s - The low hanging sun stings your eyes, and you cough a little after being indoors so long, after taking a few minutes to adjust, you hike towards the buildings in the distance. After a good few hours walking you finally get into a built up area, and decide to set up your little trap in the first alley you see. After waiting for probably far to long, your stomach growls so loudly the cat that wandered up you you, and was keeping you company, hisses at you, and runs away, alone again, you decide to get on the move again, and find some richer fishing grounds.

A New Start - You search through the houses, scratching your head that no one came to investigate the pounding on the door, breaking glass and even the waling of the alarm, then again, why anyone bothered to lock these doors is beyond you, since there was not a thing to be found in any of them, not even a moldy piece of bread. Depressed by the result, you head out, and run from the silhouettes moving near the large house, you run towards the forest, where you hide under a brush, only to find a half decomposed backpack containing some still edible food, and a few rounds of ammunition, silently cursing yourself for wasting all that energy trying to find anything in those houses, to literally fall on something worth taking minutes later.

United Survivors - Alex leaves you at the door while he goes to see his comrades. After an uncomfortably long wait he returns with a linen wrapped bundle. "Friends of ours need one of these." He states firmly nodding. He puts it in your hands @NoisyCosmos. As you unwrap the bundle you see an AKS in perfect condition. You also see a wad of cash in a rubber band. It looks like a fair sum and you take it with the intention to give it out to Jack and Dunteon. You also see a small folded note with a radio frequency and some scrawlings. FRIENDS, WE REACH OUT SOON. IMPORTANT MISSION. As you read the message Alex speaks up. "Do not wander far. Return in a few days. We contact you. Yes?"

4/23 next move

Credit to @Oranje for the events today

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Moves 4/23


United Survivors
Your shoulder still smarts from the recoil, thinking "this puppy sure has some recoil to it, better hold it properly next time" as you walk up to the deer that met it's demise at your hands. Dunteon shows you how to properly skin and gut it after watching you flail a bit at it with your Axe, this done you guys light up a camp fire, and roast one of the flanks till it's well done, you don't want to get any worms from it. Taking a bite, you nearly crack a molar on a lead bead, shouting somer choice words, you jump around a little, much to the amusement of your companions. You take a more careful bite, and chew very slow and steady, after swallowing the first bite you notice a very foul after taste, stand up, and feel dizzy. You run outside and throw up in the bushes, Dunteon smells the meat, takes a very small bite from it, and spits it out after tasting it and says "that explains why it didn't shy away from us then, it was sick, we need to throw all it's meat away" Jack comes over to you, and gives you a comforting clap on the shoulder, as he's not sure what to do make you stop puking.

After saving the carcass from Jules ministrations and showing him how to properly prepare a kill, you wash it's blood off your hands in the rain barrel. Deciding to check out if this old rotten cabin is stable enough to stay in tonight, you walk in and take a look around. It almost looks bigger from the inside then outside, like one of those buildings from the Harry Potter movie, there's a stone fireplace, one rotten through bunk in the corner, no more windows, and a hole in the roof. You bump against the walls a couple of times, shaking loose some dirt from the roof, but it doesn't creak too much, and you give it the A-ok for spending the night. Jules comes in with a crudely cut out piece of meat, and you chuckle to yourself, not trying to hurt his feelings too much. You clean out the fireplace, and while doing so, you bump against the side of the fireplace, and notice that the stone felt loose, you take your knife, and pry it out all the way, revealing a box of pistol ammo, no corrosion on it, so it's good to go, you thankfully add it to your steadily growing ammo supply.

Roleplay Bonus Boys, Well earned.

A new start
Moving through the city again, you spot a silhouette behind a window, and take a few minutes to assess the situation. Soon you see a couple more, and hear a muffled conversation between what sounds like a man and a woman, you can't understand any words, but you get that the two are arguing in an ever increasing volume, after this keeps up, you hear a child start crying in the background. This makes you decide that whatever they have, can stay theirs, and you get on your way again, still slightly comforted by feeling normal for a second in this forsaken city. At the end of the day, you come to an apartment building, towering over you, as if you intimidate. Unsure if you should, you get a bad feeling all of a sudden of being watched, but the feeling fades quickly. This having thrown you off a little, you decide to let luck decide if you go in, and throw up a coin, letting it make the decision for you, as it comes up tails.

Not only did those gunshots sound awfully close, you felt something akin to an angry bee whizz by, making you duck your head in instinctively. Taking cover behind this wrecked car, you don't think this was meant for you, as you also hear shouting coming from the same direction. If you felt up for it, you could decide to investigate whats going on over there.

PM if you feel like investigating the disturbance


Wanderer's Coffee Club
Today was a haze, and you have a feeling as if you somehow missed a day, everything just slightly out of tune, but you manage to make your way through it without out anything going too wrong because of it. Making your way up the hill to that radio tower you feel ready to end this day though, and hope you feel better tomorrow.

Your ritual keeps paying off, as today you felt invincible, everything went your way, and you feel that as if you where cruising along a highway with all the traffic lights switching to green just as you approached. The only remarkable thing today was the hair on your neck standing up a while back, and you did see those birds flying off as if something disturbed them. Still, you didn't actually see or hear anything beside that, so it might have been a fox who disturbed those crows. After making your lean-too and camp, you feel the back of your scalp trying to crawl over your head again, and again, you see nothing. taking no chances, you take the first watch.


All credit to @Oranje for these events.

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Moves 4/27

Loners - 
You find yourself wondering what its like further south as you wander... Almost as if in answer you come across a corpse. It appears as if a recent firefight took place here. A man is laying in an L shape against the side of a building. Further down you catch sight of some arterial spray. From what you gather this man was center mass shot by a high powered rifle. He then walked a few meters down the building side where he collapsed. You're suddenly acutely aware of the fact that whoever the riflemen is could still be around... You quickly loot the unfortunate son of a gun and put feet to pavement. Eager to get away from such carnage.

United Survivors -
The time you guys spent in the Romp Bar and outskirts gave you the opportunity to buy and sell goods. The 'merchants' there feel more like scavengers and ragmen. But Tarkov made you survivors by necessity. You doubt they were peddlers of goods before. Most of what you heard was rumors or hearsay and good information was more valuable than gold.

One thing you did learn is that the port in this area is run by a somewhat infamous group of Scavs. Notorious for robbing and kidnapping people trying to escape via waterways. You all know little of the internal politics of the Scavs and even less of the sub-factions. This seems exceptionally relevant know as you near the port. Were the rumors true or was it all gossip?

Wanderer's Coffee Club - 
As Uncle climbs the radio tower Slayer searches the maintenance building. Slayer you pull open drawers and search through lockers. You eventually manage to piece together enough odds and ends to call what your left with a set of repairing tools. You glance from soldering iron to pliers as you lick your lips. You feel like you've managed to collect everything of value in this area. You come out extremely satisfied with your results.

Uncle, you glance back in the direction you came across the lowlands. You aren't sure what you hope to see on such a foggy morning. You imagine someone up here could have a great vantage on the surrounding land. If only you had some kind of optic on this rifle.. The tower blows gently in the breeze, just enough to make you uneasy. You decide that whoever was following you must have headed a different direction. Probably south toward all the gunfire of the port. You climb back down the tower and prepare to meet back up with Slayer.

A New Start -
This building has a smell. Its faintly sweet and sickly at the same time. You've never smelled anything quite like it. The two of the proceed to sweep and search the building. After two hours of looting you've piled up a nice supply of food items. Some canned corn, a jar of peanut butter, and some instant rice. The two of you make a note to divide this food up equally later. You're eager to leave this strange smelling apartment.

Hours after leaving you both can't stop clearing your throats. It would seem you're starting to contract some kind of illness from your time spent in this place. The tickle in your throat turns into an irritation which in turn causes you both to cough. You hope whatever it is you will get over it quickly.

Next Moves 4/30

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Moves 4/30

United Survivors - 
Jack, looting the individual here turns up nothing. However you do see dozens of eaten cans of food and jugs of water. It would appear that he has holed up in this room. You imagine, judging by the dwindling supply, that he took the cowards way out. You glance around the room looking from spent cans of beans to 95% empty jugs of water... You collect yourself enough to collect some foodstuffs that were left over.

Jules, what a spoooooky basement! You are genuinely creeped out down here. The beam of the torch illuminates shadowy hallways and strange side rooms. What are these rooms for and why do they have such heavy doors? You find a dusty looking cabinet behind a circular half desk at the end of the hallway. In the cabinet you find an ancient looking first aid kit.

Dunteon, browsing through the service room, you find some larger tools that likely couldn't be pilfered. You do find a toolbox with a rusty looking lock. You smash the lock easy enough and take a look inside... You find an envelope with some money in it and a note that reads "Ivan, here is the money. Next time we play chess." inside the letter you find some small bills. It would appear someone owed some debts. You're not sure if this is Ivans toolbox or the debtor, but its yours now.

Roleplay Bonus (Fine guys, fine. Well deserved.) 25exp

You wander through the streets, head swimming with thoughts. You imagine you could try and dual wield pistols. You aren't sure how effective you are with them however. You reckon they might allow you to fire faster but less accurately. You feel comfortable knowing you have an array of weaponry. Perhaps you could trade them for some food? That is if you ever found someone willing to barter.

A New Start-
You two hustle up north, crossing under a massive overpass at the end of the day. You didn't get as far as you wanted to due to stopping and checking cars and rubbish bins. You find yourselves in what used to be a homeless camp. Its probably long deserted due to the homeless population being the most victimized by the horrors of Tarkov. You guys find a van thats been converted to a lean-to with a bed. You decide whos turn it is for watch and settle down to rest in this ghost town of a homeless camp.

Wanderer's Coffee Club-
The two of you, after your autopsy, feel a little bit uneasy. You walk through the woods and keep looking back at the radio tower... The whole rest of the day doesn't feel quite right. You find a highway and begin searching abandoned vehicles. The searching goes poorly and you don't manage to find anything useful.

As you are nearing the end of the day you see a line of cars assembled on the highway. Seemingly on purpose to prevent anyone from travelling past there with a vehicle. You come upon the line of vehicles and notice a small stack of foodstuffs sitting on the truck of one of the cars...

Resolved Via PM.

Next Moves 5/3


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Moves 5/3

United Survivors - 
Sounds of muted gunfire are still occasionally heard south of you as the group travels. You even hear the sound of vehicles passing some streets over. The group makes excellent progress travelling southward. Shortly after midday, you round a corner to see a man in a leather jacket, jeans, and a motorcycle helmet. He looks back over his shoulder at you and fires up the motorcycle. He is flying out of view before anyone can decide what to do.

Its strange to think that this group makes a living kidnapping and ransoming anyone trying to leave Tarkov. You briefly share a chuckle about how poorly it would go if someone tried to kidnap you guys. A mix of bravado, fear, and impracticality of the situation depending on who you are. The weapons sure make you feel better, you'll end up catching a bullet before a cage anyway.

You find a mattress store to sleep in. Which has got to be one of the most comfortable places you could come upon at the end of the day. You have a feeling you are 2-3 days from the shoreline based on the map.

Loners -
The table explodes on the sidewalk into kindling. You lackadaisicaly search through this aparment building. Tossing the place in a kind of careless lazyness. You know danger is close to the south. But it isnt here yet, not now anyway. You look through mundane kitchen drawers to bedroom armoires. The only thing you find thats halfway exciting is a lockbox under a bed. You take it and throw it down the stairs. IT doesn't break. You repeat this process all the way down to the street where you finally take it two handed overhead and smash it on the concrete. You find a fistfull of bills in the broken lockbox, which you pocket.

A New Start -
You make course toward what is rumored to be a northern checkpoint. You both resolve to search throughout your trek but unfortunately succeed in only exhausting yourselves. It would seem that this area is well picked over by border scavengers too afraid of the conflict that rages in the inner city. You make good distance but are feeling very tired by the end of the day. You estimate you are two or three days from the checkpoint.

Next Moves 5/7

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Moves 5/8

Loners -
You walk through the streets of this port. Heading east to west you walk along what can only be described as a perimeter. You see streets blocked with vehicles and scrap. Leaving only one primary entrance in, which you give a wide berth to. You see several armed men posted in the distance. The occasional vehicle moves up and down this road. This must be the place you heard rumors about. The place where people go and are never seen again. Proceeding further south would mean trying to sneak in past the barricade or confronting the men at the gate.

As night falls and you're considering your options you see smoke from a fire to the north of you. This isnt exactly an uncommon sight in Tarkov. But its fairly close and started recently. You sleep in the executive wing of a small office building where you plot tomorrows moves.

(You can PM me if you want to check out the fire or the gate)

A New Start - 
The two of you push on. No words, just walking. You walk for hours and hours and hours. But the checkpoint is finally about a days walk away. You eat and make camp, eager to get started tomorrow to finally be out of the raid for awhile. 

United Survivors -
You set up the bait to your ambush on top of a two story flat topped building, this is part of a compound with a fairly decent fence around it, and you think you can cover all the mayor entry points. There are a few uncovered ones though, but you will have to make due with just the three of you. Jack takes cover near the main gate, Jules near the middle of the building, and Dunteon on the back of the property.

Then the waiting starts… And nothing happens for hours, when the fire has finally died out, you Jules stand up with a creak in your back, and decide it’s been enough, you round up both of your friends, and lament over your poor luck. The three of you talk it over, and figure it’s best to leave the area, and find a spot to spend the night.

It soon starts to become twilight, and the going is starting to get rough, pulling out your flashlight every now and again when a shadow gets particularly dark. Rounding a corner, you see a light up ahead, and hear some muffled voices, though you are not well rested anymore, you are all wide awake as you see a shadow detach itself from a tree up ahead.

Continued in PM

Moves 5/10

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Moves 5/11
Loners - In Encounter

United Survivors - In Encounter

A New Start - You make it to the checkpoint after a hard days travel. As the sun sets you see the gate in the distance. A warm fire and a bowl of soup are whats needed. The romp bar looks much the same as you left it. Here a man can get a room for the night, a shower, and a hot meal. The two of you decide to separate for awhile. With plans to meet back up later and discuss your next moves.

Lonewolf - (Welcome to the RPG, PM me if you have questions)
The air smells of pine and wet earth as you trudge your way through the forest. Each abandoned shack or hunting lodge you pass appears fully looted. Most of the time there isn't even furniture. You pass many campsites suggesting that this area is well travelled. By the end of the day you emerge in an industrial complex. You spot what you think are oil refineries in the distant southeast.
(Use search action to search, this limits your movement.)

Wanderer's Coffee Club - You head west along the highway. The two of you flick through the notebook and begin to formulate some kind of plan. You're heading into the eye of the storm to try to find some answers. 

Next moves 5/14

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Lonewolf – @Realertoo Please post in the Game-1 thread how you imagined your day went.

Riker 2 – @DaPolee Please post in the Game-1 thread how you imagined your day went.

Tarkov Heroes – @Lightstrike778 Please post in the Game-1 thread how you imagined your day went.

Jægerkorpset – Leaving the police car with it’s crackling radio behind, you hear gunfire over in the next alley, and decide to go the other way completely, running like a madman, you come out between two buildings, and enter a forest, the change of scenery assaulting your senses, here you wander around aimlessly, until you reach a dry ditch, which is overgrown with shrubs, you make a hole under these, and try to get some sleep, hoping this forest doesn’t go on for too much longer.

Hawker – You get up bright and early, while its still dark, and leave your hideout behind, walking into the forest, it’s fairly foggy outside, but every now and again you can see shapes around you that could be a tree, but they look like they are moving, occasionally you can see the shape of a person up ahead, but just as you think you catch up with the shade, he increases the distance between the two of you again. When the darkness falls, you enter a little residential area, instead of going into the buildings, you take a sturdy looking shack to spend the night.

AFO – Leaving in the dead of night was a smart move, the fog seems to be slowly burned away by the rising sun, this also reveals someone who might be following you, since he’s too far away to get a good look at, and you kind of don’t want the person to get too close, you can’t say if the person is armed or not. You keep up a brisk pace, and finally lose them in the thick underbrush. Taking a minute to catch your breath, you find an old hunters lean-to and decide this is just a good spot a spot as any to spend the night.

Loners – After going looking for trouble, you look back on the events of the past day, and think you definitely came out ahead, bags bulging a little, feeling wiser from having learned some new lessons, you feel you should head back to the safety of your hideout, maybe get cleaned up a little, stock up on new supplies, then back into the fray perhaps.

A New Start – Heading out towards the harbor, you first decide to complement your vast holdings by searching the area immediately around you, this would normally be not one of the more cleverer ideas to do, right outside the shop you just came from, but hey, why not for once do what no-one would expect any sane man to do? You walk around, rummaging through this car trunk, kick over the odd garbage can, until you come across a wrecked van, half buried in bushes, there’s a camp fire right next to it with a dude just sitting there, he seems to be asleep. You slowly walk up, and poke him with the barrel of your rifle, this makes the man fall over, revealing a pile of clothes with a few sticks stuck through them, The crackling of bushes makes you turn around…

Continued in PM

Wanderer’s Coffee Club - The two of you sneak through the roadblock using a route you found in the notebook. You estimate you'll reach your destination by tomorrow if you stay on route. You're headed straight into what appears to be a port filled with looters, slaver, and other deplorables. Exciting and terrifying at the same time. You both know there is grim work to be done ahead.

United Survivors - The group heads parallel along the port. Further south people can be seen travelling down the highway. The group scouts out several blocked off streets. It would appear that a makeshift perimeter has been erected around the port. Any further south means going into the territory of one of the SCAV sub factions. You all doubt you'll be allowed passage uncontested from this point on.

Moves 5/17

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Moves 5/17

AFO - The area, this close to the checkpoint appears well picked over. The few run down shacks and hunting lodges you pass don't seem to offer much in the way of loot. You scavenge through shells of buildings and barely standing lean-tos, not able to find anything substantial. By the end of the day you've managed to scrape together some dry goods by digging through cabinets and drawers of some of these outlying buildings. You sense that you'll need to go deeper into the city to find anything substantial.

Loners - You spend the day trekking back to the beginning. Back where the journey started. You actually pass several other travellers in the distance on the way to the checkpoint.  Finally, the familiar checkpoint comes into view. You're greeted by UN blues as you pass the checkpoint. You head toward the bar, toward the shops, toward some well deserved rest...

United Survivors - 

Jules - You search through this building with the survivors. You manage to find some small bills in a jacket pocket. You pick your way through the remains of what you imagine had been a place that was full of life. This clinic has a small break room. You bump into Dunteon who is also searching the break room. You guys find some food items in here that aren't totally wasted.

Later... Alex comes back on the radio "Comrades, we have mission, come soon?" You chat with him a little and he shares some information about the base. But its nothing you didn't already know.

Jack - You find yourself surrounded by the dead in this morgue. Though one body stands out in particular. Dried blood cakes the wall above a long dead corpse. You look him over, rag over your mouth. You determine the cause of death to be multiple gunshot wounds from a high powered weapon. The corpse is sunken and decomposing, you see a pistol in his holster and a knife on his hip. You bend down and take them both, not able to stomach being around it any longer. You dry heave your way back to fresh air... As you hit the top of the stairs, you hear a motorcycle start up and then tires burn out as it squeals into the distance...

Dunteon - You're allover this building. You're up down left right in this place. You find food and jules in the breakroom, medical supplies in a strongroom, and Jack heaving over a corpse in the basement. The first aid kit has an injector you determine to be an interesting cocktail of drugs. You recognize it as the good stuff. After the motorcycle burnout outside, you decide to meet up and see how everyone fared.

RP Bonus 25 exp :benoway:

A Lone Scavenger - After gaining access, you quickly realize that homes out here on the outskirts were all looted up. You toss the place, looking for anything of value. You spend hours searching and come up empty. You find yourself in a small bathroom, looking in the dirty mirror, frustrated. You turn to leave the bathroom and catch a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye, behind the door. You close the bathroom door and see a small first aid kit on the wall. You open the first aid kit up and it appears to be in good condition. You decide to relock up, push some furniture against the exits, and curl up for the night. You resolve to move further into the city in search of better loot.

Hawker - Nothing goes awry, You actually manage to make good time and get further than you plotted. You've heard rumors of murder's, thieves, and slavers in these parts. You keep sharp throughout the day, though you really wish you had someone to watch your back. You resolve to find a concealed place to sleep, rather than a comfortable one. You saw a few adventurous types hanging out around the checkpoint. Maybe one of them is headed this way too, and with some luck they're friendly and will want to join together. You suppose thats too much optimism for one day, and you head off to find a place to sleep...

Deagon - (You need to plot a move on the game panel AND post on the forums to move. I've moved you so you don't go inactive.)

WCC - (Disappointed Uncle)

Slayer - The two of you cross the makeshift barricade and enter the port proper. You realize very very quickly that this place is full of activity. You see people walking the street, an entire bazaar setup, and dozens of armed men. You make for an alley with haste and go into the most unsafe looking building you've ever seen. The two of you scope out the area and realize you'll get no further without some kinds of encounters with the local population. You can see a large warehouse on the docks a few streets over. 

Via PM, Whenever.


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Moves 5/21

Hawken - You head for what you think is marked as a water source on the map. Arriving you realize this is more of a marshy lowland that runs into a pond. You see brackish smelling water and decide its best avoided. This industrial park has been very well traveled and looted lately. You'll be hard pressed to find loot here. You may however find someone to team up with, if you climb a building and explore.

AFO - Trying to search while moving just isnt working out for you. You try and strike a balance, searching cars and travelling. You end up doing neither very well. The few cars you pick through are already looted, and you end up wasting time trying to do more thorough searches. You imagine you'll need to choose between moving and searching to commit your daylight hours to.

United Survivors - After a brief radio conversation with Alex, the three of you make the decision to return to the basement below the romp bar. You aren't sure how much more you can extract from him over the radio, despite several attempts. You stumble over various signs of travel and assume that there are other survivor groups in the area, though you don't run into anyone.

UNTAR nation united - You walk through the forest in the outskirts of the northern part of the city. You haven't seen another soul since leaving the checkpoint. You walk all day through the forest, tired and hungry by the end of it. This area has this weird silence about it. You try to search and move but quickly give up. You make progress moving toward your destination but find nothing in the forest.

The lone scavenger, Anton - You pick through the forest as you head southward. Everything you pass for hours is looted. Your keen eye catches a half buried magazine for a p226 pistol. You pick it up and shake the dirt off it, the mag isnt full but you pocket it anyway. Bullets could be more valuable than gold here in Tarkov. You head south, pocket full of ammunition, should you ever find a 9x19 weapon you will be ready to go.

WCC - In encounter

If you did not get mentioned, you either forgot the game panel plotted move or the forum post on the game section.

next moves 5/24

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O.A.G. Moving through the forest, away from the bar and your hideout. Seeing some silhouettes move away from you in the early morning, but none of them appear to be following you, they are probably just other unlucky souls trying to find their way in this forsaken city. Not that it matters too much, you came well equipped, and brought enough ammunition to take over a small third world country. Coming across a car wreck at around midday, you wrench open the trunk, and are surprised to see it contains a set of body armor, you quickly put it on, and continue your path, hoping to find any signs of life from your squad.


Untar nation unitedFinally coming out of the forest, and entering the alleyways of the city proper, you take a good look at your surroundings, and see a big intersection up ahead, with a wrecked truck laying on its side, under a half caved in wall. You squirm under the wreckage, and find an ammo crate in its bed, which isn’t quite empty, you empty the box, and dump it in your pocket, finding nothing else of value nearby, you head off deeper into the city.


United SurvivorsBy now you guys know the way around this part of the city pretty well, wasting no time enjoying the scenery, you run more then walk back to the bar, anxious to see Alex again, wondering what sort of message he has for you.


A new startWith the old man taking the lead, you travel faster then you would have dared on your own, he clearly knows this part of the city, taking a few weird detours, you imagine you might arrive at your destination pretty soon if this keeps up.


AFOFeeling good about your decision to move deeper into the city, you are in a cheerful mood, and make good time. Passing the occasional abandoned checkpoint, and alleyway. Grabbing your axe in your hand, you feel somewhat safe, but you would really prefer to be holding something with a little more bite, looking around, this part of the city seems to be pretty much scoured over, maybe it would be best to head in a little bit further before you stop to search for gear.


The lone Survivor, AntonAlthough it’s an exceptionally disgusting job, you rummage through the pockets of the dead body you find a small cartridge, some faded lettering on it spelling “chemical”, sadly there’s nothing to use it with, but you keep it with you none the less, it might still be of some use later on. The shed you wanted to loot, actually collapsed after you opened the door, in the bad state it was, it fell away from you instead of on you, so thank heavens for small miracles, you think. (you cut it awfully close)


@Everyone who submitted an action and did not post in the game thread, i am sorry to skip you, but you are required to both set an action plus post about it in the game thread, if you do not do so, i cannot allow you to advance with everyone who did those actions correctly, if you have any questions about how that works, read my post below here, set your actions, post your story, then message me, and i will tell you if you are all set, if not, you might miss the next turn as well!



Edited by Oranje
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Moves 5/28

@InSaNe_WaYnE You need to post on the game forums AND plot your move on the game panel. Try to roleplay a little more. Use United survivors if you need an example of what to do.

The  lone survivor, Anton
@Twitchley dont forget to plot move on game panel.

The man, bloated and rotting, is too tempting of a scavenge to pass up. You immediately spot a pistol on his hip. The lesser scavengers of tarkov have other bits in mind and you have to battle away rats and flies. You grab and pull it free from the holster. A worn but clean TT pistol is what you come away with. You gag and gag but manage to keep it all down as you go back in for his magazines...

Later you shatter a box of supplies being clumsy and camp out in the same relative area.

A New Start
You move as a group, the old man, the young woman, and the two of you. You arrive at dusk at the aforementioned spot. A warehouse with catwalks, shipping containers, and second storey offices. You decide to go over some semblance of a plan before the slavers arrive. You begin to converse amongst yourselves...
Encounter Via Pm.

United Survivors
Your night of drinking and carousing helps restore some of that lost humanity from being out in the wilds of Tarkov. You are contacted and told to meet Alex and his pals under the basement of the Romp Bar tonight. You all make a plan to be there, after like two gallons of water and some aspirins
Encounter Via PM.

Next Moves 5/31

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As some of you might have gathered, there has been some commotion today. Currently i am on a trip abroad, and am not in a position to straighten out some of the kinks this caused. (I will return sometime next week)

For now, both Game-1 and Game-2 are on hold, and every encounter being run in PMs is on hold as well.

There might (or might not, information is sparse) be some changes that affect all of us in the upcoming days. Please be patient, we will attempt to do things with as little disruption as possible. More information will be shared when it becomes available.

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Hello adventurers,


As i stated before in this post, i would like for you to try to be a little more descriptive of your actions when traveling through the city of Tarkov. You could do this in a plethora of ways, perhaps structure your post in three parts, morning, afternoon and evening, or in a diary style ("dear diary, you would not believe what happened today") For those who are worried about this, please remain calm, everything will be alright. I will not be handing out punishments or penalties if you keep your entries short and to the point, but the more you give me to work with, the better the end result will be. As always, try to keep the results of searches vague, and do not write about meeting anyone (unless perhaps you have agreed to group up with another player through private messages or through the Romp Bar)


As i have seen a few people who are new here, and those have attempted to get their feet wet in the RPG, but are not mentioned in the descriptions below, you have not completed all the steps outlined here in this post, if you feel you where missed out while having completed all the steps outlined in my guide, please, message me.


Find weapon to defend myself - You rummage around in the area, and only manage to find a few cans of food, this should keep you going for a little while longer. (Please try to be a little more descriptive :bewhink: )

The lone scavenger, Anton - You make a mad dash through the streets, ducked low to get through a gap in a fence, and had a stray dog follow you for a block, barking loudly, this drew you some attention. In fact, someone even threw something at your head with a curse as you passed him by, you fumbled it around a bit, but managed to keep hold, and put it in your pocket. (+Chemical cartridge). You came to a stop in front of a building which was in an oddly good shape, and entered it to see if there was anything of value inside of it. Stepping through the door way, you immediately discover why this was the case, this building was only very recently built, recently enough that no one had bothered to move in before the collapse. The rooms had nothing but bare walls, and the floors where still rough concrete. You make a cursory examination of some of the rooms, hoping to find some forgotten tools, or, well, anything. Sadly, you did not. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. (Well written post and description on the group management panel (+15 XP)) if i might place a few remarks, please try to limit your actions to one per turn, splitting them up is less than useful in this system, and searches in the area you start in are not going to turn up too much, it's been picked fairly clean, this goes for everyone really.


I have had my friend Peacekeeper send all the players in the RPG a message, this is to hopefully get some people who have gone MIA back to the front lines.


P.S. i have the feeling not everyone in an unfinished encounter with Olloch or LewisUK messaged me yet, please do so, and i will round those up asap.


Edited by Oranje
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The lone scavanager, Anton - Sneakily searching through the city makes you feel like a bit of a voyeur, seeing people well before they see you, this has a definite effect on the distance you travel, but it's a price you seem happy to pay. Moving through the odd building, taking cover behind car wrecks in the street. You even see a couple of people walking far off into the distance, but those are still to far away to be of any threat, and with you seeing them before they have a chance to see you, you can stay out of the way of the obviously armed and dangerous people. Going into what seems to be a looted military store you try to find something of use, you push over a rack, out of frustration of not finding any, which reveals three M.R.Es which have probably fallen behind it at some point, they have not passed their expiration date, so you add them to your growing stack of foodstuffs.

StarterGroup - Just entering the city, you decide to look for usable items immediately. There are people all around you, and like you, they are looking to get rich quickly. Of them, you might be the lucky one, since on the back seat of a car you find a Multipurpose cartridge, maybe you should have spent the money to get a first aid kit, and gotten some use from it. ( @Dutchshotkiller please next time add your group name, and set a destination on the map, you always move a little on the map)

Arcadia - Seeing all the activity around you, you feel much more secure, knowing you have an actual weapon to defend yourself with. Entering one of the buildings close to you, you rummage through some cupboards, cabinets and closets, finding only a few cans of dog food, thinking that beggars can't be choosers, you take them along, coming out of the building you can see a man up in the street, he has not noticed you yet, and you could decide to go say hi, or maybe try something more nefarious. Please PM me if you want to approach the man.

Electric - Not having anything better to do, you search the bunker you are in, finding a couple of M.R.Es under one of the bunks. At one point you hear someone trying to open the door you so ingeniously closed, but they give up, thinking the door is locked. Not daring to make any sound, you wait for a couple of hours, before finally daring to reopen the door. No one is around anymore, the corpses have all been removed, only the puddles of blood reminding you of the gruesomeness you witnessed earlier. Not wanting to dally, you head off, out into the city, hoping that you are going to be more lucky then the guys you saw earlier that day. ( @Rontti79, Please  add your group name in your posts, and try to use more punctuation, otherwise, excellent first post, +20xp bonus for roleplaying!)

Legion - You move out at a good clip, maybe doing the smart thing, getting out of this area crowded with other people, and perhaps towards a place that has been less picked clean. Walking through the forest, you can see someone leaning over into the back seat of a car, him not having noticed you yet. You could decide to interact with the person, if you so choose. Please PM me if you decide to do so.

Hello Kitty - Moving out into the city, you are Sadly not quite near any houses yet, so searching them is but a pipe dream for now, moving through the underbrush you come across a wire trap though, probably placed by a poacher at one time, there's a cute little bunny in it, which has not survived, but only died very recently. You decide to gut it, and manage to get two days worth of food from it.

23rd battalion remnant - Trying not to think of Alexis, you walk out into the city anxiously looking around you. You see a lot of foot traffic, but you make good time, and manage to go unseen, and don't think you're followed, you could probably waylay one of the people you pass by though, either for a talk, or maybe to relieve them of some of their possessions, if you are so inclined. (Nice roleplay buddy, +20 bonus XP.) Please PM me if you would like to initiate an encounter with another traveler. (while you can split your actions, it is not advised as you will do poorly in both actions, you can move anywhere on the map you like, in any direction)

Wanderers - Searching the area you enter the city in, would normally be not the best idea, as this area is well traveled. However, today seems to be your lucky day, and you come across a recently crashed security van in the bushes next to the road. Prying open the door, you see a shotgun still in its cradle. You take it, and make haste to put distance between you and the van, and the driver might not be far away, and unhappy you just took his weapon.

Loch pachachoch - You explore the area around you, moving through the bushes and trees, making good time, you enter a residential area eventually. Here, walking on the street, you see a squat building on the left, the windows are boarded up, and there's a "Stay out" sign in the yard, on the right side of the street, there's what you can only describe as a family home, with an attached garage, its windows are smashed out, but it's in better shape then any other house you have seen so far, you'll have to make the decision to either move on, or loot one of the two houses.

United Survivors - You where wary for a while, not knowing your new travel companion, but Max seems to be of a good sort, his English isnt perfect, but he manages to take your quips and jokes about it well, and he manages to fire off a few of his own. He does seem to know this area well though, so you make great time towards your destination, and at the end of the day, you can imagine you see the City Hall in the distant skyline. (Nice writing guys, keep it up, +20 bonus XP for everyone, i might switch that to everyone who posted in time next time though)

Parabellum Team - After that harrowing experience, you are glad to leave that cursed office building behind you. Not quite recovered, you try searching for things to sell, or use, moving past a store, you get a faint spell though, and lose your balance, and put your recently bandaged arm, straight through a pane of glass, which cuts the parts of your hand not already bandaged, nice.

Find weapon to defend myself - Making a plan to find where you needed to go, seems to have led to mixed results, you managed to stay undetected, But you didn't see anyone yourself either. When you finally get to the location of the firefight, your detour did probably take too much time, as when you get to your destination, it has been picked clean, or has it? under a car, in a puddle of mud and blood, you find a satchel, it contains one unused cartridge, with a radiation symbol on it. you stick it in your pocket, then continue on your way. (+20 bonus roleplay XP)


Glad to see so much activity people! I would really appreciate it if some of you where to be a little more descriptive in your posts, the more i have to work with, and the more interactive this becomes. I would like for you to understand that it might not be a good idea to start your adventure immediately combing over the area you start in, while you almost never find nothing, you are bound to be more successful if you venture out a little bit more. And combining your actions, again, while possible, will greatly diminish your success in both your actions.

In all though, i am very happy with how it's going, keep it up folks!

p.s. Some of you have forgotten to take along your food from your hideout, and i have taken the liberty of moving this to your inventory for some of you. If you run out of food, you will die in two turns, if i have missed you, shoot me a message, and i'll make sure that won;t happen.

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