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As you enter the area the blue open sky is above you,light wind gently shakes the trees making that sweet,soft,relaxing leafy sound.But all this relaxation is just a mock up,because what you're venturing into is beyond your worst nightmare.

With one goal in mind you've headed to the closest possible sot for exploring.And that is a set of worker houses [AQ-O2].

However ,the harsh nature of Norvinsk doesn't seem to phase you,you load your Makarov,cock it,check the slide and you get it in a ready position while slowly moving up through the forest leading to your first search loaction.The forest is thick,but doesn't take long until you see paved road and those stone walls limiting the worker zone.Looking around you see nothing but empty cars,boxes and all sorts of garbage on the road,the wall doesn't seem too high,you can jump over it,or simply go around finding an alternative entrance.

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