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Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee club

Action: Searching warehouse area


After having a good night of rest, for first time in almost a week, I start my morning with some brew from freshly ground coffee "feels like heaven." I think to myself.

After having my morning cup, I take a quick count on my rations and other gear. "Hmm half a tin of coffee and this weird injector I found." I scratch my head while trying to examine it for any writings, after a while I give up and put it back in my pocket and continue checking rest of my suplies and give a long sigh "Oh damn it, only 3 days worth of foodstuff, I am starting to get dangerously low if I want to survive." After counting my suplies I remember one last thing and start checking for those bullets I had  "Where did I put those damn bullets I found a while ago." I curse while rummaging through my jacket.

Having found this decently defendable corner in warehouse, I check around for different routes in and out in case I need to get out in hurry. Having found fire escape ladder attached to a small balcony accessible from office, I examine the ladder carefully and notice that it's locked up with rather rusty looking lock. "Enough force with prybar or something heavy might be able to break this If I ever need a quick escape."  I note.

After confirming atleast one way out I spend first couple hours going through the office cabinets for any keys or tools needed to open containers. At same time I keep my eyes open for possible snacks, coffee, tobacco, rusties or even possible weapons left behind by those who used this office before.

After some searching upstairs, I decide to head downstairs to check on those containers I noticed last night. As I decend the stairs I notice few loose steps and two possible uses for it as I could either

  • build a basic trap (with some wire, pins or nails and weights) that once triggered could snare someones leg and possibly pull them through to a painfull drop.
  • Carefully remove those steps in and add some crates held by rope to stairs above it in order to make it look like something collapsed and made it impassable. I could even try to modify those steps, so I could install and remove them in moments notice if I ever needed to.

As I had only recently arrived, and lacked tools and components for either, I decide to leave those stairs to be for now. Instead I decide to use rest of the day to thoroughly search first half of the warehouse starting from North-West corner in grid manner.

Just in case I decided to be carefull and try not to get detected. As those two I saw yesterday, or their "friends" could stil be around.

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GROUP NAME: Aim for the legs

Action: Move to sector and search


The hum of the Soviet era SUV provided the perfect backdrop for me to gather my thoughts as the vehicle speeds toward Tarkov. Hiring this transport cost a small fortune (all but 100 of my rub.) but I guess I should be greatful. It took many days to arrange this passage. Most drivers for hire don’t dare venture as far into the region as this brave soul has offered to take me. The rumors of this region have spread far and wide. Gangs of Scavs scoure the region in great numbers in search of loot and supplies. They are starkly juxtaposed by the well organized and armed, albeit few, PMC’s seeking to restore some sense of law and order. Both groups have more or less adopted a shoot-on-site mentality that will force me to avoid conflict until I can establish myself.

The vehicle halts abruptly. We’ve encountered an unexpected makeshift roadblock that seems unpassable. “This is as far as I go,” the driver barks. I try to haggle over the price due to the obstacle but am unsuccessful. I hand over the cash and exit the vehicle. My door is barely shut before the driver makes an abrupt u-turn and speeds off squealing tires punctuating his departure. ‘How decent of him,’ I think sarcastically. ‘No doubt someone heard that. No time to lose, I’d better get moving.’

I move through a small forest before coming across a group of 1 story buildings. They look derelict but so does everything in the region. I begin the grueling task of searching building to building hoping to find any sort of weapon to defend myself. The first several buildings are picked clean but the last building, perhaps a former armory, looks promising. It’s been looted too of course but perhaps something was overlooked. I glance around the building. There’s a fortified room in the back. It will be a suitable place to spend the night. I settle in for a long, exhaustive search...

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Group Name: One Man Army


Action: Move to a new sector and search 


After spending some time shopping around, I brought out my recently purchased ER Fulcrum Bayonet and decided that if I wanted to buy anything else, I'd better get some money first. The 100 Rubles I was able to convert my pocket change into was not going to last me forever in this area, where currency and favors were king.

I set off in the morning, hoping to make the most out of my day. Very quickly, I realized that if I was to stay out for very long, the few cans of food I had brought with me wasn't going to last me forever, and so I made food and supplies one of my main priorities, alongside getting some better weaponry.


Making my way out, I encountered some buildings that had definitely been pushed past their former days of glory, as some threatened to collapse with broken off concrete chunks littering the ground around them. Moss crept up the sides of structures closest to the wildlife where I had come from, taking refuge towards the bottom of the shady undersides of ruinous buildings. The whole area was a mess.


By about midday, I was traveling on the street amidst the rubble and refuse of those who had been here before me. The sun was at it's peak, and I decided to take shelter in the safest looking building I could find. The first floor windows were mostly intact, and by some act of God, the building seemed vacant. Shutting the door behind me, my eyes adjusted to the increased levels of darkness, seeing as though the electricity in this building had long been shut off. Moving towards the stairs with my knife in hand, I went upstairs to scan the rest of the building for anyone I may not have heard the first time.


As nighttime approached, so did hunger, and I quickly set out to find something in this building I could use to make a fire and heat my scrumptious camp rations. Lighting a small fire, I heated up my prepackaged meal, ate it, and looked around for something else to feed my warm companion's constant hunger. Back towards the stairs, I noticed a janitorial type door, which after smashing down by combo of boot and a heavy stone, had revealed a room unpicked by looters! There were shelves lined with canned goods, and from the looks of it, a small military grade case on top of the desk in the room's corner, which was slightly askew, meaning I didn't have to have a combo or the key to open it. I couldn't believe my luck! Before I could celebrate though, I first had to see if any of the food was still edible. It looked like it had been there for awhile, and I wasn't about to gorge myself on years expired canned green beans and meats. I also didn't know if that case actually had anything in it, or if it's previous owner had time to remove whatever was inside before they left.

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Group Name: SAVIOURS

Spawn at BD-19 and Move to AR-15 to search for weapons, ammo, food and water, Hopefully can find someone friendly people to join  the group I hope the sector is quiet wont be able to get into any fights all I have is a tomahawk, sneak around as quietly as possible searching everything necessary, if anything happens scatter and return to BD-19

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GROUP NAME: Highrise Corp 

Action: Run, deeper and deeper into the city. 


Upon entering the alleyway, it seemed eerily quiet and when we got a bit of a way into the alleyway, I hear a voice call out. "G-Give me your f-food and v-valuables and be quick about it." I spin round and see a gangling looking kid, looks like the war took a toll on him. 

I could barely hold back the laughter, I expected a gruff, war torn PMC, not some.. Child. 

Seeing the gun made me hold my tongue, his voice seems nervous, last thing I want is a jumpy kid popping me in the chest because I sneezed. However, the gun may be unloaded.. But it is not a risk I want to take right now.

I stood next to Agnis, looking at this kid, I raise my hands, making sure I don't get shot.

"Take it easy pal, no need to get excited." I say in a very calm and friendly manner, i really don't want to get a jumpy kid putting a round in my chest. 

As I raise my arms, I made sure to nudge Agnis, trying to get his attention, hopefully he understands my plan as I very slightly motion towards the guy. 

"What is it that you want? Food? Water? I didn't quite catch what you said." again, saying this in a calm and non-threatening manner, however I take a small step forward towards the kid.

We could always do with a gun.

I could not even take another step before some "good Samaritan" came round the corner and tried to "diffuse" the situation, however he thought it was a good idea to shoot at us with a warning shot, the thug did not take this well and panicked, firing off rounds in every direction, very nearly shooting me in the goddamn face. This thug is clearly not trained in firearm usage.

The thug spun round, hid behind some trash and was concentrating on the direct threat, so I decided to use this opportunity to attack the thug and get that gun from him, hopefully I don't have to kill him for it.

I made sure Agnis knew I was planning on fighting, I said "now" as I ran past him towards the thug, praying I dont get caught in the crossfire.

As I reach the thug, I hear the stranger scream out "Drop on the floor or i will shoot" but it is too late, I am going to take this thug out, I just hope that the stranger holds his fire, I don't want to have to take him on too. 

As I grab the gun, I suddenly realize this thug is stronger than he looks and we start having a struggle on the ground behind the trash, I manage to hook get my body between him and the gun, making sure to keep it pointed towards the walls of the alleyway so I don't get shot should the gun accidentally discharge, the thug goes to headbutt the back of my head but suddenly I hear him wince and his grip loosen on the pistol. 

I rip the pistol from the thugs grip and as I turn round I notice that Agnis has stabbed the man in the chest, but the thug isn't giving up yet, he looks up at me with hate in his eyes, he lunges towards me and I squeeze the trigger twice, aiming at center mass of the thug, hoping that his garbage pistol actually fires. 

Two bullets later the thug is laying on the ground, grunting and panting as he takes his final breath. I never wanted to kill him, but he just didn't know when to quit. 

Suddenly the stranger behind the dumpster shouts out asking "What the hell happened here!?" and I see him aiming down the alleyway, right at us. "Crap." is all I can think to myself.

"That asshole tried to rob us! Surely you sure me with my arms up! Lower your weapon, we will do the same and we can both walk away from here!"

I lower the pistol and make sure he can't see I have it in my hands, I don't want to come off as a threat. 

Unfortunately the dumpster man demands we drop our weapons...

"No way. I am not going to drop my weapon, I need this!" I look down at my pistol and debate shooting towards the man, but as I look back up at him, I decide against it. 

"This is what's going to happen.." I say while scanning the area, making sure I can get away. 

"I am leaving and with this weapon. However, I am also not going to shoot back at you should you open fire, I do not want another fight, this guy tried to attack us and we defended ourselves." I make sure to put a lot of emphasis on the "not" part of my sentence, hopefully he hears it.

As soon as I finish speaking, I tap Agnis on the shoulder and dart out of the cover, running away from the man and towards the exit of the alleyway, making sure to serpentine slightly, so I am slightly harder to hit but still with the pistol tightly clutched in my right hand.

As I run I shout "See you around!" back to the man, he fires off a couple shots in our direction, but they don't seem aimed to hit, I just keep on running.

I hear him call out "Meet me in the romp bar sometime!" as we near the exit of the alleyway. 

I exit the alleyway and turn round to see Agnis behind me, we continue deeper in the city.. Glad to make it out alive. 

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Action: moving carefully, deeper into the city


Coming out of the ruined deathtrap of a building, feeling very good with myself, munching on some peaches, i hear someone yelling in an alley right next to me, though it did not seem to be aimed at me, i am immediately on my guard.

Quickly drinking the last of my syrup (ooh sugary goodness) and carefully dropping the can, peek into the alley.


I see three guys, one younger guy in filthy clothing and with unkempt hair, one Caucasian with brown hair, and an Indian looking fellow.

The young kid seems to be holding a weapon, and is obviously trying to look a lot tougher then he's feeling, and opposite of him are the two others, and they look fairly fit, well trained, and they are not looking like they are exceptionally intimidated, even while looking in the barrel of a weapon. (hang on a minute, i have seen these two guys before, in the middle of the road, a day earlier)


While i am armed, i subscribe to the "nothing is ever enough" monthly, and devise a plan to maybe end up with another weapon, or, well, maybe some friends, either would do about now.



Sneaking into the alley, i hide behind a dumpster halfway down it, and i see the two guys slowly take a step towards the youth, who is not looking all that confident with the situation.

Yelling at the three people to drop down on the floor and drop any weapons, and fire off a warning shot does not however get me the reaction i was expecting, as the kid squeezes the trigger wildly, barely missing the Caucasian man, after which he whips around and empties the rest of the weapon in my direction.

Ducking quickly, three of the shots hit the dumpster, but nothing comes even remotely close, i peek and squeeze off three shots, completely misjudging the distance, and fudging them.


Taking a closer look, i see the kid getting jumped on from behind by two guys who are really not looking for an extended struggle, it was kind of gruesome, and i don't want to think too much about it, safe to say though, in the end, the kid died.


Nauseated by this, and a little angry, i yell to them to drop the weapon, and to leave the alley, because even if i didn't like what i saw, there's a very real chance the kid started this, but i am not going to end up like him, in any case.


The Caucasian man yells something, i didn't quite catch it, i think i can guess what i would do in his situation though, as if choreographed, they jump to their feet, and run out of the alley, sending a couple of shots halfheartedly after them, i yell "Come meet me in the bar later, we'll talk" (i kinda have respect for them, keeping their cool, even if i don't completely agree with their actions)



Making sure they left the area, i walk up to the kid, and close his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, i carefully search him for anything that might be of use to me, finding about what you would expect of someone living on the streets, i was hoping for a treasure map, but alas no dice.


Then i decide to take a few extra moments, and drag the body off into the ruined building i just checked before this all started, and kick out a wall, making sure i don't get caught in the collapse, i would have liked to do more, but burying someone in the middle of a city in chaos, is simply not an option.


Checking the Alley one last time for any hidden bags, i decide to be on my way again, hoping against hope things will start to make sense soon.


Right before i find a place to go to sleep, i decide to spend some time firing at a few imaginary targets, and try to get to know my weapon a little bit, thinking again about my abysmal marksmanship earlier in the day, i swear, i think i nearly hit someone with that warning shot.

After which i clean my weapon, and go to sleep.

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GROUP NAME: Bear Nation

ACTION: Scavenge more thoroughly, even if it means straying a bit farther behind the group.



Morning: In the morning i eat my breakfast, i look into my small duffle to find only two rations of food remaining. My group members talk about not having any food left. Artyom insists we keep moving toward the fire coming from the Factory in the center of Tarkov. He says we should be able to scavenge whatever food we can find on the way into the city of Tarkov. Our whole group packs up and begins its journey deeper into this barren city.

Noon + Evening: We carefully move throughout the ruined homes of Tarkov and we suddenly approach a large clearing. It appears we have reached a large deserted warehouse on the outskirts. To me, it seem's pretty abandoned plus we need to scavenge this place for all the food we can hold, we are getting pretty low.

             We split up and i go to check out each corner of the warehouse. In my corner i found a large pile of refuse and rebar, twisted metal piled everywhere. I think to myself that i might as well be useful and scavenge through this pile of junk hoping someone left something buried here, a stash hopefully. After turning over a few pieces of scrap metal my stomach starts to rumble. I eat one my rations, leaving just one left. I really need to find some food fast. I screen the rest of the warehouse hoping there are some abandoned refrigerators or dusty pantry's laying about.


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Group 613


Action: Move to AS-02 and Search


Description: After spending the night thinking back on what used to be...I finally get a little shut eye…. As usual the sounds of the night don't make it easy to sleep with sporadic gunfire! Explosions! And what seems to be military activity I am not able to get much rest but get what's needed to move on!!


Come early hours of the morning I have my morning smoke and quickly gather my stuff and make haste!! Still heading towards AS-02… making my way through the woods I am keeping a very close eye on my surroundings.. heading towards the high way I see a burning wreck where the remains of a small skirmish took place doesn't seem to be much laying around but hoping to get as much as i can looking for anything I can use at this point I'd even take the shoe laces off a fallen scav… after searching the wreck I quickly keep moving knowing there's lots of activity in the area I keep my head on a swivel.. getting towards what seems to be the edge of town maybe even a warehouse district not quite sure as the sun is still rising. My goal at this point is to find the highest building that's close enough for me to get to. Once inside I clear the building starting from the bottom. room after room I search looking for anything that could be of use.. Weapons,Food,Tools,supplies( rope,clothing,shoe laces,smokes,keys,nails,bolts,screws, elastic bands,bags,) anything!! once at the top I try to get to the roof hoping to get a idea of my surroundings…. Once I get on the roof I check around hoping I can find something heavy enough to put up against the door.. and find myself a little shelter for the night, i sit down and open my jacket and start to look over the findings of the day witch are…(______________). After looking through all my things I think to myself  “when I'm ready for this every dam scav in this god forbidden city is gonna die!!, I'll revenge Marcus if it's the last thing I do”

Well once again its time for me to try and get some sleep. I have my smoke and shut my eyes… Sporadic gunfire still going off!! Nothing's changed if anything there getting closer...

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Group: USUC

Action: Scouting (Time for some sneaky breeki.)


Lumbering down a road after being satisfied on how the situation went with the person I found, I was surprised by gunshots to the south of me - fully automatic. It sounded like a lot of shots, and I dropped to the hard, crumbled road to make sure what those shots weren't at me. Not like it would have saved me much if they were, but it was a good instinctive reaction. I was quite satisfied that I did react like that, which meant I was adapting to survive - something the less fortunate in this city didn't learn, sadly. 

Hitting the gravel, I heard a "TING!" of metal as I felt something smack my boot. I looked over my shoulder and to my surprise, there was just a pistol laying there!

"Well well, what do we have here? A Suppressed PB Pistol?"

I unloaded it and for a second time, I was not disappointed. A full magazine, brilliant! The suppressed version of the Makarov seems to perform better, having improved accuracy and obviously the fact that it fires with minimal noise. Perfect. 

I put it in my hand, and I can officially call myself Makarov lord, lord of all Makarovs. Armed with my new pistol, in my arsenal of pistols, my thoughts came back to what I just heard. Figuring I need the money to get my business kickstarted, I went against the more reasonable judgement of getting the hell out of there and decided I would sneak over and find out the conclusion of the firefight the next day.

I awoke after a good rest, ate my favorite food I had, figuring it may be my last meal - Bush's Baked Beans™. I finished my delicious beans and was satisfied of this great food. I stood up, packed my stuff, and began my exploration of the sector for the bodies - Quietly and swiftly. 

(I'm considering drawing pictures of my character every once in a while and inserting them into these posts. I'll edit and post it here later if I make it.)

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GROUP: Bear Nation

ACTION: Move / Search


INTERLUDE: Slept like a baby, glad we found this abandoned diner. But what a macabre situation waking up in a diner without food. It all went so fast at the start, that you forgot to take ur food rations off of your stash. Since then your group members always shared their rations without any complaint. Let's see for how long they will in the near future + when their own supplies are going down...


MORNING: While Giamiester prepares his breakfast, you try to look busy and not care about it. You are not really starving, but you would feel better if you can afford to find your own food in the future. "Looks delicious, I hope it tastes like that as well.", you say to him, smile and turn to the rest of the group who are already preparing for our departure.


MIDDAY: Since our group leader is somehow not willing to share his detailed thoughts on our route, we are still heading "towards the fire smoke deeper in the city", as he always says when you ask. I start to get sceptical about it. "Why is he not sharing his plans with the majority of the group? Does he know more people or even know where guns are at?" I think about it for quite some time, but finally I let the thought go. Too speculative for now, I really need to get to know my people!

Reaching somekind of a main road through this part of the city, there are a lot of business buildings and warehouses. I try to keep track with our leader, when he finally turns and says "Guys, let's split up an regroup at dawn.." and he disappeared in one of the many buildings around. He seems to feel safe around here, I am not so sure about that. There are many vintage points around. There might be someone watching us! Well let's trust one more time and do what he says.

I am heading into one of the bigger business buildings which seemed to have multiple firms and departments under one roof. When I study the sign where to find what, I slowly but surely realize: "I won't be able to loot the whole building till the sun goes down. Let's see what is worth a look at." I don't speak cheeky breeky, but the firm logos and universal signs are helping. On the 1st floor is the buildings canteen and based on the 3rd floor is somekind of a security firm.  "Let's hope for the best and focus on these two floors."


EVENING: While I search for supplies and useful gear, still looking around in the very first building, but already reached the 3rd floor, I realize the sun is starting to go down. "Oh boy, let's hope I find the others before dawn." I reached the last room on this floor but suprisingly, this door is locked. "Wow!" I think to myself. "Everything had been accessible but this door, that might not be hit yet!" I remember a small fire axe hanging next to the damaged fire alarm near the stairs, rush back, grab the axe and examine the door. "It's just wood, you can do this!" With 2-3 smashes you broke the wall and destroyed the axe. It was somehow one time use only, in such bad condition was it. You can be glad you didn't axe yourself there! The room behind the door looks untouched on the first look. "Cross fingers that you find something, Joizzy" I whisper to myself.

NIGHT: When I leave the building I find some group members sitting on the streets, checking their supplies and preparing meals. "Hey guys, how is it going? Ehm, you guys did find some food?"I sit down next to them and watch the sunset. "What a beautiful look in such a horrible place..." I think to myself and let my thoughts carry me away.

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Group: Bear Nation

Action: Search/scavenge - move


Morning: Artyom sleeps well for the first time in too many nights, for once the nightmares don't wake him. He awakens to the sound of one of the group cooking canned meat over a small portable stove that they seem to have found in the abandoned diner. The smells hit him with an unexpected force. A few years ago he would have turned his nose up at canned meat, but now the smells made his stomach growl.

He checks his pack, pulling out his meager supplies and asks the group to equally ration out what food they have left. Better they all eat something than some eat nothing.

Day: One of the group asks Artyom about where he is heading. He points vaguely towards to smoke still rising in the distance and mutters, "There." Do they know what lies in front of them? He wasn't sure. He'd heard the rumours of the man calling himself Prapor and the factories he had 'commandeered' for his nefarious purposes, but had they? They continue moving south/south west while the sun is high and the wind is low, letting them see and hear for a good distance. They search parked cars, bus shelters and post boxes they pass as they continue on, walking in a spread out pattern with about 15 meters between them to cover more search area.

They come across a large grass field with a warehouse off to the side, and while he wants to make it somewhere defendable before dark, he also knows they need supplies. The group veers slightly off course to search the building. He knows this area, an industrial estate he used to make deliveries and pickups to and from in a time gone by. He also remembered the layout inside many of these buildings.

"Guys, let's split up an regroup at dawn.." he says to the group as he makes his way inside a large warehouse closest to him. He doesn't wait for their response as he casually but quietly steps through the door. Inside is dim, but there is still enough light filtering in through the highset windows from the setting sun to see by. Dust motes glitter in the sun rays like stars. The place smells musty and disused, there don't appear to be any fresh footprints in the thin layer of dust and dirt on the polished concrete floor. He takes that as a good sign and makes his way toward the kitchen, looking for food and drink and any medical supplies that may remain. Having grown up not all that far from here he can read and speak the language fluently. He also studied English through school and university, but the words never felt right in his mouth, and he prefers not to speak it. The group, however, seem to be foreigners and only speak in English.

Night: Having thoroughly searched the kitchen and any medical stations he could find, he makes his way to the director's office to search. An old safe sits abandoned under a heavy wooden desk. He tries to open it. The dial is stiff, but movable.

Once done, he makes his way to the roof where he can over-watch the entrance to the estate, and the large car park and grassland in the centre. There are a few scattered picnic benches under the trees. It is at one of these that he sees the group gathering and sharing their supplies. He settles down for the evening, taking first watch while the group eat and talk. He takes a small bag of biscuits from his pack and begins to nibble on them as the sun finally sets below the western horizon.

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Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee club

Action: Continuing with my travel towards east.


After yesterdays findings I'm grinning like a fox in a henhouse, while drinking my morning coffee and checking out my new pistol and blade. Both seem to fit my hand like they were made for me, I nod in satisfaction "these will do just perfectly." After this I sheathe the blade on to my belt so it's visible, and make sure that I have a loaded clip in the gun and a round in the chamber. I flip the safety on and place my gun into a makeshift holster inside my jacket to conceal it, while if need be I can still quickly pull it out and take aim. Being satisfied I finish my coffee "Those preserved food rations I found, seemed to be almost as if hidden into that heap of spoiled food." I ponder cautiously and start thinking about my next move.

At this point my radio crackles to life and I get contacted by a man called Zhao. After talking with him for a while, I agree to talk to a driver I know so he can get to the zone. After some heavy negotiations the driver agrees to risk it, and drop Zhao to my coordinates. Now I just need to wait couple hours for them to reach me. So to spend time I practice my quick draw technique untill I feel contended, and holster the gun securely.
After this I gather my belongins and start climbing down the stairs. At halfway down the stairs I decide to turn those loose steps behind me into a trap. In order to slowdown anyone who might wander in here or try to get his or her gear back by tracking me. "Nothing like a broken leg or two, to slow down your enemies." I note while giving a wolfish grin. It takes me some 15 minutes, a bit of sweat, plenty of cursing and prying with my new crowbar. After this those steps are barely attached to rails in a way that they seem completely normal, but would give away under anything heavier than small child. "Perfect." I hiss through my devilish grin.
As I reach bottom floor of the warehouse, I hear a car approaching it and I hide in shadows. As the car comes to a screeching halt, a single asian man jumps out of the car with his gear. And immediatelly it speeds off almost running him over. After man is done cursing the driver and his family in four generations, he gathers his gear takes a quick look around and enters the warehouse.
As he cautiously walks past the spot where I am hiding, I notice his burn marks and say "Now that's a  face that won't win any beauty contests." After that I step out of the shadows, smirk at him and say "Zhao, I presume." After confirming his identity I tell him "While you may have some questions, this warehouse is not secure. So walk with me, we have alot of ground to cover and I may aswell answer your questions as we travel." Making sure that everything I have is secure, and wont fall off during travel, I nod at Zhao and start trecking towards our next destination. As I walk I once again toss couple coffee beans over my shoulder as offering, at same time I whisper softly "Another beautiful day for adventure, isn't it lady Luck."

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GROUP NAME: Highrise Corp 

Action: Run, deeper and deeper into the city. 


Upon entering the Alleway

"Did I  just hear just something?" I said to myself and I was right it was a voice of a Kid.

It kind of made me nervous as I saw a person standing behind us with a Gun and threatening us to give us our food and valuables, Having a proper glance at the person, he seemed like a kid who was scared and nervous.The way he is holding the gun made me sure that he was amateur with guns and has no experience in a fight, but in Tarkov we have to be careful everybody fights for their life and survival even a kid with a gun can be big damage if it is not handled properly.

Lewis raised his hands making him look that he is a not an enemy, and he nudged me trying to get my attention and it worked, as we both are military people we have very sharp instinct and we knew what we were gonna do.Lewis started to calm the kid and lure the kid into his conversation while I moved slowly towards the kid with my hand downwards, trying to keep a proper coordination with Lewis footsteps.


"What the hell was that?" I kind of panicked a little bit as I did not expect the 4th guy and the sudden shots fire, but I controlled my balance and saw Lewis was fine and he said "Now" so I knew what it meant we both charged towards the thug.

The thug spun round, hid behind some trash and was concentrating on the direct threat, so Lewis decided to use this opportunity to attack the thug and get that gun from him 

I took out my knife and started to rush towards the thug to stab him as this was the best chance as the thug was reloading his gun and his back was on us.

As I reach the thug, I hear the stranger scream out "Drop on the floor or I will shoot" but it is too late, I am going to take this thug out, I just hope that the stranger holds his fire, I don't want to have to take him on too. 

As I stabbed the thug with a downward stab to his upper chest, he pushed me with his elbow and I lost my balance and fell down on the ground with the knife in my hand but I made sure I stabbed him deeply to injure him.The same moment Lewis was able to extract the gun from the thug and shot him few times.

When I fell down I saw the other guy behind the dumpster, I did not want to get caught in crossfire again, so I crawl behind the trash bag to have at least a bit cover.

Suddenly the stranger behind the dumpster shouts out asking "What the hell happened here!?" and I see him aiming down the alleyway, right at us. 

Lewis said "That asshole tried to rob us! Did you not see me with my arms up!?"

While in the prone position I heard the instructions of Lewis that we are lowering our Arms because we don't want any more chaos today.I stood up but I tucked the knife into my pant and covered it with my shirt as I don't wanna take any chance if a firefight starts again, I was worried a little but I was ready to handle the situation.

I went from Prone to crouch to get as much as cover and then said "Same goes for me, I don't want a useless bloodbath"If you lower your Gun, we will do the same."

Unfortunately, the dumpster man demands we drop our weapons...

I stayed silent between the conversation of Lewis and the stranger shooter, once Lewis tapped my shoulder, he signaled me we should move.so I got up and started to sprint away from the stranger shooter, towards the alleyway exit.

I did not say anything as I just wanted to get the hell out that place, it was too much violence for a day and I don't want any more bloodshed.

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Group Name: (since I am in no Group, I'll call it somehow. Hopefully I'm doing it right)...... "Thunder blunder"


ACTION: Moving (From Hideout to the City north (straight line))

It's been over a week, since the last contact of one of the men, Wital. Wital is one of the employees of the mysterious man, who gave Artyom photos of his brother. Ever since he saw his brother in the photos, Artyom has nightmares. About how his brother would die in the hands of his captors. Every single night he woke up drenched in sweat. He can no longer wait, as he is sure by experience that this man Wital has been killed. Thankfully before he left, he gave Artyom a note of a hidden basement, where he could meet him, IF he is alive.

Before Artyom goes, he packs two cans of stew. Usually that shouldn't be a problem, but as he learned in several missions in Africa, it might make the difference. Even if it is for surviving a little longer.

Along the way Artyom enjoys the birds chirping. Here a sparrow. And in a few seconds later he can hear a feint sound coming from a robin. Thanks to the time spending with his grandfather in the weekend, when Artyom was a child, he was listening to the forest that was near the house of his grandfather. At some time Artyom stops, listening to another feint sound. What could it be? It's rythm cannot be determined. Yet it has a high voice. A blackbird? No.... Artyom has to draw closer to it. And as he does, he is with each step less sure, if it is a bird at all. After a few more steps he has the answer. A young woman. About in her late 20s, trapped inside a bear trap in the forest, screaming in agony and hoping to find someone to rescue her.

Moving closer to her, Artyom heard a twig being cracked. Immediately going back behind a wall. KABLAM! Finding a peek hole he saw what happened. The woman is shot. Point blank in the face.
"I told you those traps would prove to be useful" a man's voice said in Russian.
"Pjotr! What have you done? You shot a pretty lady in the face. Maybe she would have been able to "service" us. You know, getting a relief or so. It's been weeks, since our boss has let us out of our hideout." another second man in Russian said.
"I don't care, we had to stay low, since these Maslobojt***** of USEC came and searched for someone or something. You know the gang's word: "DON'T GET FOUND or you are FKD." Now let's take her belongings and get back."

As Artyom does not have Sasha, his beloved AK74-N, he has no choice, but to stay hidden. So he waits, until the two of them go away.
So much for enjoying. Focused on his task for today he moves on.

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Group name: One Man Army


Action: Move/Search


Waking up next to the ashes of my campfire, I stretch and survey the room, ensuring I hadn't been visited some time during the night. Satisfied with the results, I got up and made my way back towards the storage room with the small case. Peeking in, it lay just where I had left it, alongside expired foods I had thrown from the shelf in search of extra rations. turning away, I left the case where it lay. No use for something like that, I thought to myself.


Leaving the convenience store, I made my way further down the potholed road. The shrubbery along the sides of the road glistened with the morning dew, and the sun was already starting to peek over the tall buildings, sending shafts of light further down the street. The warmth gradually filled my body as made my way further down the street.


Approaching an intersection, I felt that it would be best to keep going straight and stay along the outskirts of the city until I had some proper means to defend myself in case of an emergency. Glancing towards the ground level windows of the buildings I passed, I saw myself in the reflection, and stopped to take a better look at myself. I'd started to grow some stubble on my chin, and when paired with my short blond hair that stuck up in the back from sleeping, I felt like a vagabond wandering the streets, not someone who'd just left a civilized area. Frowning to myself as I left behind the unwelcome image of myself, I made a mental note to find a shaving kit at some point.


Noon soon passed, and I found myself sitting down to rest my weary legs from the morning's travel. I took some of my food out to prep a small snack before hitting the road again, and took another look at my surroundings. There wasn't as many bushes as there were near the store I had taken refuge in last night, and the buildings here weren't as run down by nature either. Almost all the shops had their ground floor windows smashed in however, and I could only guess how many times they'd been picked over by Scavengers or someone else.


Standing back up, I went to hide my trash, as the wrappers had the convenience store logo all over them, and made my way over to what looked like a shoe shop. The store had been mostly untouched for whatever reason, and so I took my sweet time looking for a more comfortable pair of shoes to wear. Picking up a new pair of hiking boots, I moved towards the cash registers out of habit, and stopped when I made it to the counter, even though there wasn't anyone to pay. Looking at the cash registers, I went behind the counter, and opened each one up one by one. As I had figured, they didn't have any cash. When I looked around for a trashcan though, I found a few Rubles crumpled up inside, and quickly pocketed the money. Leaving my litter behind, I made my way out of the store, continuing the trek I had started this morning.


The air grew cold again as the day’s end drew near, and I found myself standing next to an old police cruiser that had swerved off of the road, and smashed into a pothole. There was a crowbar laying nearby, and a crack in the driver’s window. A large splatter of dried blood covered the cruiser’s left side, indicating a struggle some time in the past. Picking up the crowbar, I realized that it wasn’t made of quality metal, and felt softer and lighter, as if it wasn’t fully metal. No wonder they weren’t able to smash through the window right away.


I swung once, hard and smashed the window. The crowbar bent into a 90 degree angle, rendering it useless for future situations, but I was able to clear out most of the window’s glass shards and unlock the cruiser’s door from the inside. Finally, I had the chance to loot something good.

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Action: Move from AB-10 - AJ-10 

Description I start at AB-10 I have no weapons at all I move cautiously towards AJ-10 stopping from house to house trying to find gear all I can do is hope I don't encounter anyone on my way  

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GROUP NAME: The Black Division

Action: Moving into the city


Shiro took a slow, deep breath and held it. The cool misty air filled his lungs, fresh and devoid of any bad scent.

It was early morning, the sun barely starting to peek over the horizon. Above him, the canopy of the forest that he was in was starting to come alive with birds chirping. These quiet moments didn't come frequently, and he had learned to enjoy them when they did.

"Come on with them long leaks Shiro! You know it ain't that big! Haaaaaa."

With a sigh, and the moment now properly over, Shiro finished his business before zipping his pants and making his way back around the rubble he was using for what little privacy it offered. He saw Alexey there, consuming a can of Tushonka. As far a breakfasts went in Tarkov, that was a pretty good one. He forced himself not to visibly grin.

"Well, your mother says it's big enough, so..." Yep, he was wide open on that one for a change. Caught in the middle of shoveling even more food into his mouth, Alexey nearly loses it all out at Shiro's comeback.

They had been using this half destroyed shack, right smack in the middle of the woods, as a temporary resting place during the night. It was remote (hopefully) enough that we shouldn't be getting any visitors and still had walls to keep from the wind. Well, half of the walls anyway.

They had taken stock of their supplies after waking up and clearing the area surrounding the shack for enemies. It wasn't looking good. They had limited supplies and hadn't had any luck finding anything in days as the places they had been to were pretty much picked clean. The plan they had agreed to was pretty simple, head further into town where the chances of finding more gear and supplies were greater. 

They walked in formation, Alexey in front and Shiro 20 feet behind making sure to bring up the rear by looking around and behind frequently, scanning for threats as best he could. Alexey was the better fighter between the two of them so it made sense he would take the lead. Knowledge, Training and Experience were all things Shiro was lacking in, though he was a fast learner. He had to be.

'Before all masters, necessity is the one most listened to, and who teaches the best.' Shiro remembered reading somewhere. It was certainly true enough now that he had experienced it first hand.

Alexey, on the other hand, always looked like he was in his element. He would switch from cracking jokes to dead serious when the moment called for it, and Shiro was fairly certain that even though he had his back to Shiro he was keenly aware of Shiro's every movement and would be able to respond appropriately if Shiro tried anything against him. Shiro understood and sympathized with this. After all, that was just the kind of place Tarkov was.

Which made it even more surprising when, a couple of weeks prior, Shiro had woken up with Alexey sitting across the (admittedly small) room from him, casually eating a can of Herring that had previously been one of Shiro's possessions. The fact he had woken up at all was a testament to the cruel nature of the zone. While his impromptu early warning system consisting of old rusty cans on strings, which he had felt rather proud of at the time, had failed him at least Alexey hadn't slit his throat while he slept.  Alexey hadn't said anything, simply keeping an eye on Shiro while eating.

Realizing he was out of his depth, and that any attempt to fight this guy was probably going to end badly, Shiro had reacted in an unusual way. He chuckled at his own misfortune. 'Mistakes were made.' He had said. That had been the start of this strange partnership between the two.

As they kept on walking, Shiro shook his head. Reminiscing could wait until they were somewhere relatively safer.

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Move nr 5

Group Name: A new start

Action: searching for a place to stay the night.

Description: After surviving my encounter, leaving the area with a Grach Pistol and plenty of ammo "Now I have a chance of defending myself if the situation ever calls for it" I start to make some distance from the area where the gunfight just took place.

Its now getting dark and Im moving quietly in the shadows stain out of the moon light looking for a place to rest. Tired and exhausted I find a house, door is look but one of the windows is broken so I climbed inside. When my feet hit the wooden floor I pull out my pistol making sure I have a round in the chamber, then start searching through the house to make sure its safe...

(if the house is empty)

When the house is cleard I finde some empty cans and metal trash I put in a small piles on the floor infront of the broken window to make a sort of noise trap to give me a chance if somebody tries to climb in. Then I almost colapps on my resting place falling asleep instantlly.


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Frankly, I'm getting tired of being pinned by enemies all of the damn time.

First it was the man in his hideout, now this?

The air reeked of hot lead and gunpowder as I was pinned behind a BMW SUV vehicle, getting shot at by another man wielding what I can only think to be a KEDR SMG, due to the small shape he was holding in his hands. Using the valuable information that I learned a while ago back in America the hard way, (which is "Cars are concealment, NOT COVER") I figured that I'd probably die if the man decided to unfasten a magazine of 9mm into the vehicle, so I came up with a pretty stupid plan.

I ran from the vehicle to a stone wall closer to him to gain a better position while I was "trying" to pin him down. Unfortunately for me, this man apparently had nothing to lose, because he seemed unfazed by my action. A hose of shrapnel came flying my way as I shot back, one bullet hitting me in the chest and one of my shots hitting him likewise in the shoulder. This new cover point exposed him behind his cover. I look around briefly to see three dead bodies close to each other - no, TWO! A person was crawling to them, but it seemed he did not have a weapon, so I couldn't focus on him right now.

I made a bold move and pulled out my PB Pistol. I braced myself, turned the corner, and gave him hell.

As his body dropped dead on the hood of the car he was hiding behind, my hands trembled with fear and pain. I didn't know why, but as sick and cruel as it sounds, I had done this before - so why was I so scared now?

Clenching my teeth in pain from my wound, I eagerly grab his equipment after dragging his body around a corner of a building where I could see the wiggling worm that was trying to scavenge those bodies. Concerned about my own health and his, I yell out:


The person understands and searches their bodies. The man made the correct decision of showing me what he was doing with the holster on the body that held a pistol of some sort. He slowly picked it up, grabbed a few other things, and slowly put his hands over his head and walked away to a wall. Behind cover, and into illusion, he vanished. 

I take my victim's dead body and lay him to rest inside of a building, and as I do this I notice he'd been shot in other places, too. I come to the conclusion that the fight that involved him and those two dead bodies I found had to do with more people, FOR SURE. Because I don't want to be surprised for a THIRD DAMN TIME in the span of 3 days, I close the dead man's eyes, patch myself up with a medkit, and hightail it out of the area, wondering who the worm was. Perhaps I could meet him again one day, he seemed like the kind of person I would want to work with. Well, at least, he didn't seem like an idiot.

I come across a wooden cabin that was borderline uninhabitable, but I guess it shares that similarity with the ENTIRE region of Tarkov. I didn't expect to find much inside of a house so old and rotted, but I was tired from the day's encounters, so I decide I will stay here for the night. I look through the bashed glass windows and do not see any movement inside, so I try to open the front door. No cigar.

I wander to the back of the house and try to open the house from the back porch, and with a satisfying "CREAAAK," the door opens with a bit of grit from my end. I step inside and I find myself in awe to now notice that almost every piece of furniture in the house is... neat. Too neat, in fact. It's all littered with dust, but it seems like this house is the one thing that has been preserved in an area of such vast destruction. My mind crosses that old adage "Looks can be deceiving" and learn not to second guess that from now on, more so than I already was. I ready my SMG suspecting a person, but after moving upstairs expecting to find the living, I got smacked in the face by opposite day. 

In a bedroom, a man and what I can only presume to be his wife, laying lifelessly on a bed, together. I almost regurgitate at the smell and the sight of rotting flesh, and flies EVERYWHERE! I glance at their bodies enough to see that both of them had been distributed a unmistakable bullet hole in the sides of their heads. I wonder where the item that did the damage was, and I figure that I need anything I can get, so I hold my breath, shoo away the flies and see if I can find anything. If there is no weapon, that means someone else either was here before me and took it, or that same person did this to the couple. 

I felt overwhelming sadness for the two. It looked like they died in each other's arms, but the rot eroded their bodies like cliff sides to an ocean shore, so I couldn't tell. Dried blood caked the pillows and comforter of the bed they lied on. 

After grave-robbing the bodies, I look through the rest of the house. After finding (insert), I decide to rest for the night. I make sure I locked the back door, and I most certainly will hear anything that tries to get in. I sat down on the couch in the living room and ate another one of my five oh so familiar cans of Bush's Baked Beans™. I figured I'd sleep on the couch instead of having to think about the rotting bodies upstairs, but it didn't really help. Still feeling paranoid, I closed the curtains in all of the windows of the cabin. After a long while, I drift to sleep.

Morning comes, and I practically throw my backpack onto the rug in the living room. Oddly, I hear a VERY loud board creak under the pack. It didn't sound like what I heard when I walked across the floor, it sounded more... 


I pull the rug out and find two metal latches holding to what looks like to be a hatch of some sort. My fingers find a small gap to open the latch with. Readying my weapon in one hand and opening with the other, I open the hatch and gaze inside, wondering what could be down here...

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Group: Bear Nation

Action: move/search


Morning: Dawn breaks, brining with it a light breeze and smells of the woodlands to the north. Artyom pulls a small wafer biscuit from his pocket and begins absently to eat it, his mouth making routine motions while his eyes study his map intently.

If his reasoning was sound, they should be in the sector marked BB-18 now, which put them about six or seven sectors away from his goal. His goal, he thinks. Not theirs. He still didn't know if he'd share the information he had about their destination - time would tell. But for now he kept his mouth shut, and his ear to the wind, listening for anything coming their way.

He folds the map, slips it into his breast pocket and brushes the crumbs off his hands. It was time to move out. They'd spent enough time stationary.

Day: The group makes its way south, sticking to quiet alleys and back roads where possible. Artyom occasionally tests door handles at random intervals to see if any of these buildings left their back doors unlocked. It's a slim chance, but a chance worth trying for.

At midday he calls a halt in a small courtyard between some disused alleyways. It's cool and quiet and hidden from the roads by a fence covered in wild ivy. The group form a small circle, and Artyom asks them to share their rations out fairly. "If you work, you eat." he tells them. They aren't in dire straights with supplies yet, he knows. But sharing a meal is a good way to bond, and sharing something as precious as rations is a good exercise in trust.

'If you want men to fight together, have them break bread together' someone had once told him. He saw no reason to question it's wisdom now. After they eat, they split up to cover both sides of the alley they walk down, checking for unlocked doors, cars, windows or post boxes.

Night: At dusk he signals a halt. Ahead is what appears to be an old police station. It's windows broken behind bars still intact after so many months. The group move closer. Artyom motions for three of the group to circle the building to look for a way in. He asks the man he thinks of as 'the paramedic' to boost him onto the brick wall surrounding the building. He helps the paramedic up after him, and from there they make their way to the roof, hoping to find access inside.

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GROUP: Bear Nation

ACTION: Move / (Search)


INTERLUDE: As the days and nights go by, Joizzy feels more and more comfortable in this somekind of apocalypse setting. He has a group worth sticking to, he found food, he has some protection on him. All he needs is a weapon to defend himself if things turn south.

MORNING: Waking up on a windless morning next to the main road they scavanged yesterday, JoizzY feels reliefed. "I found this bodyarmour yesterday guys! Look, I think it's fully intact and will be helpful if we have to defend ourselves. Additionally, it makes me look a little bad ass don't you think?" He poses like a cowboy aiming with two imaginary pistols and hopes for loosening up the tension and atmosphere right before breakfast. He receives some smiles... OK. Let's get serious again. While the group takes out their rations, JoizzY takes his peanut butter glass out of his backpack and starts to stick his right thumb in the peanut butter.

MIDDAY: Artyom leads the way. He chose a more safely route as we move on. I like it. "We should be able to avoid any encounters this way." I think to myself. While we still look out for some accessible doors and buildings, we focus on moving nevertheless and don't invest to much time and effort into looting this time.

Finally we found a spot to rest a little. While Artyom makes a speech on sharing, underlined with some wise words, JoizzY looks around and scans the surrounding. He stands up and takes a look around. There seems nothing else but them around...

EVENING/NIGHT: Sunlight goes down and as the group approaches an old police station, JoizzY is suddenly overcome by a feeling there might be real people around. He gets mentally prepared for the worst. "Let's hope this police station is worth the bad feelings" he says to himself quietly, before he follows Artyom. At the brick wall surrounding the police station, he lifts Artyom on it and follows. While they stand on the wall to look for a way to enter the police station, JoizzY sees the other guys circle around the building carefully. He feels the tension rising and hopes this works out for everyone...

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GROUP NAME: Wanderer's Coffee Club;


The entire journey towards the outskirts of the city was a cruel, agonising experience. Inhospitality from the driver, anxiety from possible, sudden attack, and the discomfort of riding on bare leather seats in a rustbucket sedan all mixed together to form the least comfortable travelling experience since the Hindenburg. 

After a few hours it was over though, and as soon as the driver arrived, he sped off and nearly clipped Zhao right in the backside as he did so. The bitter winds of Tarkov made Zhao wince; his sensitive flesh wimpering against it. He covers his mouth up with a scarf and trots inwards to meet Uncle.

The meeting went as well as could be expected - brief, terse confirmations of their identities and then a course of action for where they were heading. Zhao was travelling light, though out of choice or because of circumstance it wasn't clear, so he was ready to go quickly. All he had to do was protect his scarred mug against the wind outside with a dirty afghan and he was hoofing it. 

He wasn't one to travel in silence neither. Zhao was a talker, even when things were getting tense he would turn down into a hush whisper instead. His topics covered a whole range of things - anything they really came across. Species of flowers? He knew them. The shitty weather? Absolutely commented on it. Gunfire in the distance? He guessed calibres. One thing he was shy of though was talking about himself; he kept the conversations strictly external to himself. A hard thing to do when it looks like he just wandered out the burn ward.

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I woke up to a new day in Tarkov, ate some breakfast, and deciding to do a little light calisthenics, wanting to be prepared for what this day would bring.


I left the ruin i had chosen as a sleeping spot, and immediately and literally, bump into someone, being caught completely off guard, i stammer out a "hey good morning dude" at the guy.

Who is seemingly caught just as flatfooted as i was, and manages to only croak something like, "what the duck"

Right behind him is another guy, who, with better reflexes then me and the other dude, makes a grab for his waist, most likely going for a weapon, or maybe a knife of some kind.


I quickly raise my hands, recognizing the same guys i keep running into day after day, and say sheepishly "How are you two gentleman on this fine morning?"

The first guy ducks a little, and the second guy, well, kind of freezes, both clearly not expecting words but actions, and most certainly not at this tone of voice.

This turns out to be a rather pleasant meeting in the end, as my words seem to deflate the situation, and we end up having a good chat between the three of us, about what happened to each of us the past few days.

I learn that their names are @Lewisuk and @Agnisekhar, and i accept their invitation to tag along, at least for a little while, safety in numbers, and all that, we decide to fill our ragtag group a little more, and after some consideration on what we are looking for, i go to the Romp bar, to select our 4th member, who turns out to be Jules ( @NoisyCosmos )


Now, while having decided my own direction completely at random, i appeared to have taken the exact same route as Lewis and company, even to the point of having the same destination in mind.


Lewis urges us forward, as he seems to be in some sort of hurry.

Sadly this means i cannot take as much time to indulge in my favorite pastime, sneaking around, and searching every nook and cranny.

During the day, while we travel, i take a curtain from a blown out window and fashion a makeshift knapsack, and from every spot we pass, i take a little something, a weapon from this old firefight, which might, or might not be serviceable, a piece of equipment i hurriedly take off a fresh looking corpse, some cans from a broken down cupboard, a magazine lying in the middle of the road, and all sorts of random things, and its becoming a chore to carry.

I like this actually, and plan to enjoy myself when picking out the pieces when we finally take a rest later in the day. so that even if i don't get anything useful out of it, i might still get a chuckle.


Ofcourse, when we stop, i share some of my delicious peaces with the guys, we seemed to mesh fairly well.



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