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Reload Command In Console

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I had recently made a post on Reddit of a suggestion I had. I'm not sure if it has been said before.


Have you been stuck on awaiting session start? only to have to alt+f4 and reload profile data and try again. Spawning in 10 minutes into the raid.
Have you ever been in a tight space and jumped and become stuck floating in the air unable to do anything but alt+f4 and relog. Leaving your poor player vulnerable for 5 minutes while you relog.

a console command "reconnect"/"reload"/"refresh" Putting you straight back into loading map would take... maximum of 10 seconds to type into console, cutting that 5 minutes between closing the game and relaunching to a time nobody could get angry about.

Bugs are going to be in this game for a while, if not forever, all games have bugs. "Wasting dev time" on something which will eliminate ALOT of the headache and wasted time.
I personally, dont see it as wasted time at all. However, some disagree 

There is probably already the ability to do it in Unity fairly simply, we the players, just havent been given access to it yet.

I could almost bet, if they(which they probably do) have test builds of this game, there is probably already such a feature.

I'd also just like to personally thank Battle State Games and Nikita for developing such an amazing game. 
You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work


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