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Keys, locked doors, Keybars, Document folders and it's ilk

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First off, my apologies for not being quite as eloquent as some of the other posters, but i will try to get to a point about the way the keys and locked doors work in this post, and my reasoning on why it could use some change.

While the current system is kind of exactly how it works in real life, i do not think this is a good way to do it in this game.
The reason behind this is, in my eyes, because after maybe 2-3 months after the game launches the majority of players in this game, will have one or more keybars or document folders filled with keys, say one for each map they want to visit.

This means that locked doors will stop being useful to "hide" loot or equipment, and you might as well remove 1-2 slots from the safe pouch, and leave every door unlocked, because the effect will be the same.
Keys will not be a commodity, but a necessity.

This doesn't seem like fun to me, and i would like to propose a couple of ways to change this. (some of these are pretty extreme)

- Keybars and document folders cannot be used from inside your safe pouch, thus making the item vulnerable in your own inventory.
- Keybars and document folders cannot be put into safe pouches at all (perhaps too drastic)
- Give keys a chance (incremental perhaps) of breaking (exclude quest keys, but require they be handed in upon completion?)
-Rework the key system, make it so that doors in a location are locked randomly, and that each door that is locked, has somewhere around 3-4 keys spawn inside the map, remove keys upon extraction.
Perhaps give certain scavs a lootable key to a room they use as residence, creates points of conflict?
This would promote players actually spending time in a map. (a huge plus imho)

The main thing i want to get across, is that i really think keys will completely loose their usefulness a short time after launch, even if we most likely have not seen all the ways to open doors so far. (lockpicking, shooting locks with shotguns, breaking them open with the axe, etc)

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I agree with all your suggestions.

I have one more:

Make keys a lot rarer - Only one key of each type can be found in the raid.
(this does not mean that there should be a guaranteed spawn of every key per every raid)

Currently, you can find 4x 203 key in a set of filing cabinets.

There should only really be one 203 key available to find in a raid. Same with any other key, there should not be multiple copies of the same key that you can find all in the same raid / session.


They could also make random 'key cycles' where every week you get a different amount / types of keys spawning into the raids.

Then this could work nicely with your idea of keys breaking.

This would make it risky to use the same key over and over again in the same week if you will not be able to find it again that week, as you had already found it first time round the previous week or so.


I personally really like this idea of 'key cycles', what about everybody else?

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why does it have to be stupid difficult to do anything? What a waste of time if stuff breaks all the time and you too grind away to get it again. You just want to frustrate players even more?

So stupid....

the more they implement stupid stuff to make the game more difficult to play (and this isn't even gameplay), the less people are going to play.


But apparently many of you would just like to be the only ones playing.

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