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First impressions: not good

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10 hours ago, ChaiFox said:

To clarify I did indeed mean someone with that black body armor just taking rounds from a scavenged ak then running erratically towards me and knifing me.

my bad :P

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17 hours ago, zpwarrior said:

They literally did the stress test to reveal the issues they have with their server, which they did. They are in the process of correcting them now. But hey go ahead and be hostile toward people that will defend the game against irrational posters.

So, every negative post is hostile and irrational? Guess you also think that paying full triple A title price for a game that hasn't even left closed beta yet. That you'll have to pay for its "DLC" as well, is a amazing idea?...

Like I said, the desync issues were happening BEFORE the stress test. It's like adding water to a grease fire. They knew what was wrong before the test. And didn't bother to fix them. Then they release a content patch. And 2 hotfixes to bypass server restrictions... Non of which fixed or made any of the netcoding/desync issues better.

This is not irrational, nor is it hostile. This is clearly pointing out that stuff HAS NOT been fixed. Literally what the forums are for.

Trying to tell someone they aren't good. Is hostile. Saying that someone's thoughts and feedback are irrational, is hostile. A game is only as good as it's core function of gameplay.

When they hype dies down. People will start to realize the the bigger problems. It's not fun going into a raid fully geared with AP 7.62 rounds. And you are holding a corner and you see someone but they instantly headshot you. Because they seen you 3 seconds sooner then you seeing them...

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Sorry i find it has improved a lot since alpha stage. 

I found the learning curve steep,  i did not like the game, at one point, but it has really grown on me now and i love it.


if you think you've had desync issues, speak to the guys from South Africa.  It was unplayable.  Now they can play the game much better.


So slowly slowly it gets better my friend.  



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