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Stash - Approximate value display


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Good day,

I was going through my stash today and I wondered to myself how I would be able to tell how much better my stash has grown since I started playing. This led me to the idea of a 'Stash Value' variable display at the bottom of your stash. This value could be calculated by the 'top sales price' of every item in my stash vs the general item price (excluding any reputation discounts etc).

This will allow me not only to see growth and accomplishment of my actions, but also give me the ability to compare my stash vs the stash of my friends. We would then be able to try to compete against one another for the highest stash value.

I know it is a tiny idea in the scope of the whole game and what still needs to be done, but I wanted to mention it here anyway and see what you guys thought.


Thanks for the awesome game BSG. <3

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