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marked room (314)


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am I completely unlucky or do people just get there super fast? Finally found the marked key, decide to travel light and go there. I got, what I thought was, a favorable spawn. Started by the UN truck on the east side. Haul ass to the dorms. No doors are open anywhere. No gun fire, no scavs, no nothing around.

I open 314 and to my surprise...........nothing but a PM pistol on the floor???

Is there a spawn for PMC that puts you right near the dorms? I was amazed someone got there first, looted the place, closed the door and left. Nothing else seemed to be looted in the building.

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try less populated time frame(for me it is usually late at night or early in the morning). Like you said you can find meh loot but sometimes i happen to find some good weapons and items. Also most people leave rubles near books depending on your luck you can put 6000-10000 ruble into your alpha stash

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