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I'm a new tarkov player and have been recently getting good enough at the game to where i can kill someone, grab the goods and go. I have been playing the map customs exclusively with the intention of learning one map until i feel ready to learn another. I know where 3 exits are but of the 4 runs where I've got enough loot to leave, 3 times of the 4 i run to an exit, make it safely, and there's no timer when i stand by the door. I'll stand around moving ever so slightly to see if i need to be standing somewhere else but nothing and when i give up i run to another exit, sometimes i make it sometimes i don't and the same thing happens.

I've read on forums similar to this one to try and alt+f4 out of the game and reconnect in order to fix it but i tried that and still nothing. Is there a fix to this bug? Am i missing a core game mechanic that will help me understand whats wrong? Can someone please explain the escaping system to me if there is one? 

I want to love this game because its exactly what i'm looking for and i do understand that its beta so there's bound to be changes, bug fixes, and patches but i'm just very confused right now. 

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So there may be 3-4 extracts for each raid but only some are accessible at one time. If you press "o", any extract with ???? will have a certain time zone where you can extract from them. You should learn the set extracts since there is always one static extract that is always open then only go to the others if it is closer/ easier to get to(if you need to avoid a group etc.). Most of the timed extracts have green flares or blue spotlights to indicate when they are available.

Hopes this helps and have fun!

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