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Black color for tan items


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Hi, i suppose i am making this topic needlessly in a way, because i feel it will be added at some point , although i hope its sooner rather than later. 

My problem is with the RSASS and the new helmet being tan only. Main reason why i have a problem with this , and i am not alone in saying this - we are in summer forest of Russia, not a damn desert. So many times i've killed 15 year olds with new helmets and tan m4s that i just feel bad at this point because they don't realize how important camouflage is.

Will black/dark green versions of every item be added at some point? I wanted to ask for an option to re-color the items ourselves at some point in the future, but then i realized i would see people running with pink AKs, bringing bad memories of CSGO, and that is a big no for me. Thank you, i can't get enough of this game.

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Judging from selection of Magpul's items, I believe they will add colour variants that exist IRL. So, if there is IRL version of Ops-Core or RSASS that's black, then I believe and hope, they will add it. 

After all, it's just recoloring and retexturing, which is easier than making new model. 

But hey, it's not something that I'd call a top priority. They can easily do that when they have time for that. For the moment they have to work on other things - like new maps for example. And I would prefer that they make new texture for a chair for "Interchange" map, than use the same time for black texture of RSASS. 

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