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How to Exctract

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So do you need to press a button to extract in the zones or does it start after a certain time in the extraction zone (is it the same with scav gear hunting)? This is kinda the only thing I don't get. Also in offline mode I know you don't get anything but can you even extract in it? Anything about extracting will help tremendously. Thanks in advanced. 

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I am not 100% on all of what I'm, about to say, so if someone w/ experience sees this post, correct me.

I love italicizing shi7. Makes it look dope.


In my experience, not all extraction points can be used more than once. Examples:

Pier boat in shoreline

Rock passage, also in shoreline

Smugglers boat in customs


Next, depending on where you spawn, you will get extraction points on the opposite side of the map you spawned on. Example: Customs. If you spawn boiler-side, you need to extract near the trailer park. If you spawn trailer park, you can extract at the gas station and ZB-010 or something.

You go into the zone and it automatically will begin the extraction. Consider googling maps to see where you need to extract and make sure you aren't in the wrong place.


Scavs have different EPs (Extraction Points) than PMCs. At that point, it is best to look at an online map showing where scavs can leave from.


You can extract in offline. 100%.

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