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I have played this game for couple weeks now so i would like to give my noobish feedback to the devs, and add suggestion or two. I am not gonna list it in paticular order, i will just type it as it goes into my head.

  • The biggest problem the game has right now is in my opinion terrible desync. I have found this described all over the forum so i will skip this one, even though i would like to mention it.
  • Optimalization is not well made especially in shoreline (i know it is beta, i am mentioning it because i would like to suggest something :D ). I was wondering if it would be possible to select different graphical settings for different raids. For example having global settings for the game and then subsettings wich could be set only for specific raids? Might be usefull in the future, when some maps might have more details then others maybe, wich would allow add more graphics quality in places where possible. I have gtx-1080ti and my framerate is all over the place (40 up to 120) so this might help this issue.
  • Compass has been mentioned many times already so.... skipping
  • When your insurance is successfull and your stuff is waiting in mail then you have exactly one day to pick it up. I dont know if one day is intentional, or not but i think it would be good idea to increase the timer some more. You might be out of town for work, or basicly any other reason and you cant just make it in one day. Again unless devs specifically wants it to be one day, if so, could somebody explain to me why?
  • Even noob like myself, i was able to fill my smallest stash with goodies like fort armour and ridiculously modified m4's and stuff and i have big amout of money. I personally think, these things should be a bit more  harder to obtain, especially silencers
  • Certain weapons should have a bit improved animation for checking the chamber, if there is bullet loaded. Some guns are fine but some (cant come up with names now :( ) would use some tuning, like rotating the gun just a little bit more, or pulling the bolt a little bit more back, and maybe holding it for half a second longer?
  • i noticed hip-firing has little to no recoil and is really accurate in full auto mode. Is that some sort of... thing?
  • When in stash with no equip on me, there is bug, where when i try to unload 2 slot magazine from gun that is in my hands (or even stash) it says there is not enought space for this action. I assume its because it is trying to place the clip into my pockets? it would be nice if it would automatically place it into stash
  • In quests where you have to deliver specific amout of items to traders, you have to handover them all at once. Is this intention or could you make it, so you can handover items one by one? For example handing over 6 AVS vests is quite some trouble while using standart size stash.
  • There is bug in factory where, doors in oficce in 3rd floor become see through under certain angle from player (playing at 1440p ultra/custom settings) basicly giving you wallhack for that specific door
  • The pivot turning sound is.... weirdly loud. I dont mean when runninng at full spead, i am talking about one to lets say three-four bars speed. Is that correct?

Otherwise thanks for reading my noobish feedback :)

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