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PK Nation now recruiting

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PK Nation is a NA based clan mostly consisting of about 8 irl friends ages 25-30. We have all played together for years in many survival games. Currently looking for new members to fill a few squads. This clan is not for the casual. Rules include:

- Mic and discord required no exceptions

-20+ years of age

-Active, playing other games more than EFT will result in a no warning kick

-Can follow direction and do not play in a squad as if ur in a solo

-Have a PC that can handle the game, deaths due to pc issues will result in not being invited to squads

Most of all, this is NOT a community, this is a Escape from Tarkov clan. Members are free to play other games but the clan does not support this. If you need a channel to talk with people while playing another game, make ur own discord. Please pm me on discord at Chill#0785 or post here thanks guys


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