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Disconnect console command

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Could we get/ is there currently a disconnect command for when maps sort of bug out? 
Say, Scav in: get stuck on "awaiting players" or "awaiting session start" the only option is to ALT+F4 at the time being..
Then it takes about 2-3 minuets to boot the game back up, load profile data again, etc.
Two or three tries latter, You're pretty much screwed out of that run. No biggie, even if it was a PMC/geared raid.

is there currently, or could we get a command to disconnect without leaving the game? as some other games have a ~disconnect type command.
This would improve time wasted/lost gear, even if it did not effect the reconnect. It's just inevitable that it is needed sometimes.
I could also see how it may get abused a bit, but so wont alt+f4 in the long run.

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