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Hello fellow Escapers, I wanted to raise a few remarks concerning the atmosphere.

So far, BSG team has provided an incredible result, and managed to build a genuine universe.
Nonetheless (and keeping in mind this is still in beta) I find some gameplay elements are 'lacking'.

While I agree realism must end were gameplay demands, there might be some consensual adjustments.

a) Individuation
- While the game emphasize on the uniqueness of the character, there is no complete individuation yet, making that character someone more real.

- Choosing a USEC or a BEAR does not impact the story (yet?) nor there is an introduction to the Tarkov universe.
If you choose the USEC, would there be an introductory way to get acquainted to the game, as by a local server mission to defend a laboratory /retrieve an HVT for an escape?
Would some weapons and equipment depend on your faction, as well as the loyalty of some merchants?
Would there be special skills dedicated to one or the other?

- So far, there's no way to differentiate group members from any other player having the exact same equipment.
Military use "cats' eyes bands" on helmet and disctinctive unit symbol and uniforms. Would there be such elements or mechanims added?

b) Gameplay
Some games already showed the way for a perfect inclusion of information without numbers floating around in "Augmented Reality" mode.
By example:
- Checking the mag through a long pressed reload (avoids to open the inventory tab in dangerous situations)?
- A watch indicating the remaining mission time (the eyes stay in the center of the screen instead of the right top corner)?
- A plastified map (when available) to indicate the extraction points, take notes or explain a rdv point?
- Maybe the possibility to heal (or even revive) injured members of the group?
- On-the-fly weapon management (unfold-fold stock/ remove silencer/ add a cartridge in the chamber/ tap-rack jam procedure)?

So far, I've only thought about those elements. Please feel free to mention your thoughts about them. Cheers!

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  • Specialization through classes/ skillsets?

One could be average all-round jack of all trades, or devote to one peak skillset, but would lack in others?

Full snipers would suck at interactions and complex medic skills, while combat medics would be able to carry dedicated survival kits yet suck at complex explosive/ mechanisms or complex rifling?
Assault class could be beasts geared up and carrying more, but lacking in all other domains?

  • Hideouts

A customizable safe place, through missions or actions (like trophees, maps cleaned, special achievements). It would be possible to use the invetory interface, or wade though that place and physically place the storage units.

Realism to the max: with bigger revenues there could be better installations, or more complex machines (self-crafting of ammo/ armor/ etc).

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1 minute ago, KastorKrieg said:

Most of your questions are answered by "most of the game is still missing, please wait".

Yeah, that is why it is posted under "Suggestions", rather than "Questions".

I wrote questions to allow a return of insight from other players, so as to measure those ideas' potential in term of appeal, if they do echo as they did for me. But thanks for the reply! :)

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