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Anyway to counter extract campers?

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How do you counter extract campers? I've ran into them so many times and nothing I do seems to work. I for sure need to get better at the game and play more offline to learn the map and where keys are located as well as learn the mechanics of the game. But what's your advice on taking them out?

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Which map are you having the problem on?

I have only come across extract campers this patch at a few places but there are a few 'tells' you can pick up. For example if I am heading to the pier extract on shoreline then I always check the door to admin building. If it is closed then you can guarantee there is a scrub upstairs covering the boat. Hotkey grenade and lob through upper floor window then go get dogtag.

Also now many scavs at extracts. If they are all dead then be careful. If they are alive watch to see if they are all alert and facing a particular direction.

Go to extracts offline and look for the places a camper would go. Then when extracting on live sometimes recon by fire works. Spray the likely bush ;)

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