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Need an answer on reputation with Therapis. Stuck at 0.35

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Dear All,

I was wondering if I will be able to reach Therapist MAX reputation.

The situation:
I am at lvl 35, spent 2 million and my reputation is at 0.30 with Therapist. To get the max loyality I need to be lvl30, spend 600k and 0.60 reputation.

The problem:
I have only one quest left the 30x Tuschonka but it will only give me 0.06 reputation which means I won't be able to reach 0.6 with Therapist. As I know this Tuschonka quest is the last quest.

How can I reach my loyality with Therapist in these conditions? I have attached a screenshot as well.

Fyi: Selling her anything won't raise my reputation...


Thanks a lot in advance!

2018-01-14[11-04] (0).png

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I was struggeling with prapor this patch as well. idk why. i counted all again for me, and i should have 0.2 more rep than i actually have. so i think it messed up with the +0.2 standing from the EOD version..

So and for you my friend. if it is really the last mission, it should not be possible. but last patch u hade for every trader a special mission like "reparation"-mission. so maybe they are still available?!.

they sould boost you to max.

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If you have betrayed her once, you should have gotten the "Trust Regain" makeup task, if you betrayed her twice then you might be stuck, that happened to me last major patch with Skier and I got stuck at level 3. They might have changed it this patch but I'm not sure, otherwise you may just be stuck.

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