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Traders: who sells what + trading objects (screenshots)


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Hi all,

for all the beginners out there, I created an overview which trader has which items for sale and, more important, which items you can trade for what at which level (yes, lots of which's and what's :)).


Sells OP-SKS (can use 4x scope) already at level 2, sells bigger backpack at level 2, sells big backpack at level 3, sells Fort armor at level 4. Sells weapon case at level 4 (needs 10 slots, gives 50 slots in stash).




Levels up only by revenue, no tasks/missions needed. Sells the M4A1 and MP5. At level 4: sells best helmet, Beta container and Grizzly First Aid Kit.




Sells 4x scope for OP-SKS at level 2, sells silencer for AKM at level 2. Trades AK-74N for tool sets at level 3. Silencers for all weapons except the M4A1.




Sells Car First Aid Kit at level 2. Sells Salewa first aid kit at level 3. Sells container at level 4.




Currently you cannot level Fence up. Also he sells only stuff, that players sell to him, so no fixed loadout to post.

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I think now that we are on patch 0.9, it would be nice to have an updated index (like the pictures above) of what the traders sell now since we are being introduced to new gear, weapons and attachments in this patch, alongside adding mechanic to the index being that he isn’t shown as of now. Loving patch 0.9 so far, keep on bringing up awesome content!!!

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Updatet to 0.9.11590


Mechanic, Ragman

All Traders lvl 1, no unlocked items from any quests

Prapor LVL 1:



Therapist LVL 1:



Skier LVL 1:



Peacekeeper LVL 1:



Mechanic LVL 1:



Ragman LVL 1:



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