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How to stop hatchling problem


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I Suggest the gamma and all other containers work with a type of insurance principle, meaning that if you die with the container on your operator the gamma can only be returned after an hour of 2 hours or even more hours? meaning if you die, you have to wait to get your container back if you survive.

Another realistic way to handle a physical representation of the containers, is to hang it on the belts of operators under bags etc or over the butt, so that if you die with containers players will receive a reward if he takes the container but it will be returned to owner if another player has collected it,  risk-> reward? ,meaning if you have a containers its yellow, so more visible but youre loot is safe if its inside. A camo spraypaints , decals or hydro decals etc to make it less visible

Would love to see  this money farming stopped ,cause it breaks gameplay if all players just run for vault,safes, and gun rooms,need more secure locations

Thank you

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This and similar have been suggested many times. I believe the official response is still that hatchlings will stop being profitable once injuries carry over from raid to raid. That is a feature that is coming soon™. 

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