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Friend bought tarkov and cannot perform first time set up


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My friend just bought tarkov and hasn't been able to do a first time set-up or open the launcher even after he runs it as an admin and tries to open it. He also cannot install his game files in the default locations because he doesn't have a C: or D: drive (just a G and E drives respectively) can confirm it is not AV errors, or MSI afterburner/riveriatuner (saw on some forums talking about turning this off) He is missing the EFT file for the game aswell. within the larger BSG file in his local disc.

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Dont know if this is solved but you don't have to install it to the default directory. I installed my game on my secondary hard drive (D: drive). Works fine.
EFT.exe doesnt show up in BSG launcher folder if that's the one you're talking about.

I did notice; however, that I had to set the install folder for both the Launcher and the Game itself. After my first time playing, I re-opened the launcher and windows had lost the path of the game so I had to redirect it to the folder it was installed in.

Hope this helps!

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