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Sellers - Restocking Fees

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Enjoying this game so much!  I'm a bit frustrated with the purchase system and it's relationship with the stash.  I was thinking that maybe a container is better like how it's done with sales.  I have such a small chance of being fast enough to make a purchase.  (Fence for example) for days I have been trying to buy a pistol case and when I finally beat others to it, one of my grid spaces was offset and I did not have "space" for it when really I did.  Also I have been trying for a sniper rifle for soo long and last night & I bought one...but it's super rare to get ammo for the dvl-10 Saboteur (at least at my level) Since I had no time whatsoever to even look at the gun before hitting purchase..I just had to take the risk.  I was wondering if there had been an intermediate container for the transaction to take place  and I had some sort of restocking fee instead of Fence''s insulting buyback price....would I have completed the transaction and moved my purchase to the stash to finalize the deal.  I could understand this dynamic from an "buy it now" from an auction but not from a seller.  I hope this is helpful in some way.  I'm tired of clicking refresh for days..it makes me feel like I am wasting so much actual time just to play a game.  I like the rarity of things, but it may be more "lively" if there was restocking fees.



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