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W'dup y’all!

My name is Dan aka DMALs aka danimalsyogurrt aka ahhshet aka lgndsonly nahmsayin...lol

I am a man who likes to game and watch anime <3 also I like to stream whatever game I feel that is fun to me or when I game with my frenz so pls, roll on up and come chill with the legends.

Platforms | PS4 / PC

if you have any suggestions, pls feel free to let me know and become legendary!

You can find me on youtube under the username "DMALs" or <<<click link

I recently got into escape from tarkov and would love to hear feed back from you all. What kind of content do you guys look for in escape and what issues do you want covered? Ill do what I can to accommodate <3

EFT thumbnail.png

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