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Nerf New Helmet

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I want to start out saying that this is all opinion base, but in my Opinion the new helmet is to "op" (even though i wouldnt call it op as you can shoot anywhere else on the body that has no armor such as the legs) but its to good,let me explain. I was at dorms earlier and came across a squad like usual, I put a good 4-5 shots into this guys head with a AK74N using the Grey HP rounds (testing out rounds) even though it might be the rounds not penetrating but just earlier I killed a guy with a kiver with like 1-2 shots, I understand that its a higher armor class but there should be some tweaks with this helmet so when people do fight against people using the helmet they aren't restricted to shooting legs because the head wouldn't be a box of steel. Feedback would be nice on which rounds are better than which and also some feed back on how to take out squads easier as that's mainly all i run into now, other than hatchlings xd.

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