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I need some MILK

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Looking for help,

Amerifat, 20, bad

Got this game a while ago and just started playing it a couple days ago and holy sheet I hate it. I need someone to teach me how to play this because as is my play-throughs are the equivalent of a flaming pile of garbage, they usually go like this:

1. run in with a hatchet, attack, mid swing im ded af

2. creep in with hatchet, sneaky breeky, loot some, shot to death/ defend myself, mid-swing, ded af

3. pistol, sneaky sneaky, pew pew, dead af because the human skull is bulletproof

4. pissed, grabs Saiga 12, insures gun, sneaky sneaky, find man, wait for him, *SURPRISE MFER*, *shotgun sounds*, he's still alive, all rounds connected to his chest, he shoots me, ded af


*rage quit*

*forum typing*

Help me so i dont kms, or don't, I wish to be released from this pain


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pic of player

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