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Where are the Oceanic Servers Located?


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I'm looking for some official information on where the Oceanic servers are located. I know that the launcher says "US", and that might not be accurate. I have also read that we are placed into a server that will offer us the best ping.


That does not fit with my gameplay experience, nor that of anyone I play with. I am an admin of (I believe) the largest Oceanic discord that plays Tarkov (and only Tarkov). Everyone I speak to experiences terrible lag akin to joining servers based in Europe. The difference between offline and online play is staggering. The AI are so broken by the lag that sometimes you will headshot them and they will run a couple of steps, yell, maybe get a shot off, then die. Contrast this with the instant ragdoll in offline and it is pretty clear that the servers are suffering.

Can we get some information from a developer concerning the actual server infrastructure in the Oceanic region. Where are they located? Are they under strain? Is this a 'netcode' issue that is consistent across regions?


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