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How does this even make sense?


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Desync??? he was clearly behind that hill and was killed behind that hill.

Shots came in 2-3 seconds after he is down.

Until that is sorted we cannot play at all.

I was also killed by an axe guy standing 10-15 metres away.

Maybe Put a minimum line to play this game. like 20meg or something.

Seems alot of people with poo lines play and us with good lines suffer due to this.

I got a 300meg line myself.

get a ping 0f 15-30 from server

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6 hours ago, qS_Sachiel said:


Also, completely worth watching it for the WHAAAT!?!?!?

made my day, only because i've lived that feels.


Haha, we kept getting slaughtered the whole day. I wasn't having it anymore. Yesterday was the most lag and desync that I've ever experienced on this game, super frustrating.

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