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Gas Analyzer key


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Hello Guys,


After searching for like 20-25 hours straight for the key or a gas analyzer, I realised that maybe I do something wrong so I am asking you where do I find the key for the room in the Factory where the Gas Analyzer should spawn. Or where else can I find a gas analyzer.


I searched everything. filing cabinets, jackets, AI Scavs...

please help me, this has  to be a joke I am level 20, I have Skier and Prapor on level 3, just started with peacekeeper missions and I still have this f.... Therapist on level 1

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If you do the Peascekeeper Quests, on third maybe 4th Quest you will get 3 Gas Analayzer as  Questreward.

And no you do nothing wrong, i finished this quest with lvl 23.

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