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hire, equip and level scavs as a new feature


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Hello, sightseeer here,

Friends of mine got the idea to allow us players not only to play as scavs, but even to hire, equip and level scavs as a new feature. As not every scav on the maps is controlled by a human, that feature would add the possibility to let the progress of the bot  be transferred to the player having hired the bot a.k.a. non -player scav (for x amount of spawns/time etc.).

some ideas or lets say examples of what may be implemented :

 :cannedmilk: high level scavs we hire could be 3rd wave sniper scav aiming at the chest, every kill/damage xp gets rewarded (run a multiplier for adjustments) to the person hiring in some kind of way. 

:cannedmilk: low level scavs can be the first wave scavs, we have lower costs to hire them for their smaller effectiveness. But you can boost their different skills (perception, movement speed l etc..) with time and tell them how to work with different equipment (fast with shotgun, long time precision sniping, spray and pay autofired Ak74N...)

:cannedmilk: you can give them specific gear (paca, silenced mp5, grenades... )  and send them to training to level them up, it would increase endgame content and allow a new dynamic : encountering scavs would be less linear.

:cannedmilk: scav hiring sl they spawn at different places /time should result in different costs.

:cannedmilk:equipped scavs may be playable by other players who transfer a portion of the gained xp to the "owner" of that scav when their raid ended.



what do you think?


with kind regards,




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